¡Hola a Buenos Aires!

Hello everyone! My name is Ahlena Davies and I am so excited to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina this summer. I grew up in the small town of Danville in Eastern Pennsylvania and have been attending the University of Pittsburgh for three years now. While in Danville, which is about a four hour drive from Pittsburgh, I live with my parents, my brother who is now 19, my sister who is 15 and our three cats. I also have a boyfriend who lives there with two adorable corgis. When I am there I work as a server at a local restaurant and brewery named Old Forge Brewing Company and spend as much time as I can with my family and friends. Here in Pittsburgh I like to watch TV with my roommates, go to museums, and play video games in my free time. If the weather is nice I spend as much time outside as possible.

During my time here at the University of Pittsburgh I have been taking classes in preparation for graduating this next December (so soon!) with a major in marketing, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate in international business. I decided to apply to the College of Business Administration because I really enjoyed economics and learning about business in high school, but I had no idea what major to choose. By the end of my freshman year, I had decided to go with marketing as it is the most creative of the business majors and I love painting and art in all forms. One thing I did know while applying was that I wanted to pursue a Spanish minor. I had taken Spanish every year of grade school starting in seventh grade and over the years had fallen in love with the language and its various associated cultures. The Spanish courses I have taken at Pitt have only deepened this love by delving deeper into different aspects of the language. I have always had the urge to explore and experience as much of the world as possible and started this by moving to a city very different from the rural town I call home. I have taken advantage of the opportunities given to me at the University of Pittsburgh and have chosen to also obtain a certificate in international business in order to learn as much as possible about the different cultures that exist across the world.

At the end of my freshman year I got my first international experience by participating in the Plus 3 program. I traveled with 19 other students and two professors to Italy for two weeks to study the supply chain processes of various Italian fashion companies. My experience on this trip was indescribable- I learned so much about Italian culture, history, business processes of all kinds, and myself. Since then I have been waiting for the opportunity to study abroad again and this time to make use of my Spanish-speaking skills. When I started reading about the Global Business Institute in Buenos Aires, I soon knew it would be the perfect program for me. First of all I am incredibly excited to experience the arts and culture of the Argentinian and Porteño peoples by immersing myself in their lifestyle as much as possible. I can’t wait to explore what Buenos Aires and the surrounding natural wonders have to offer. Also, I know it will be difficult to live in a Spanish-speaking country, but I am confident that this experience will improve my skills and allow me to become fluent by the end of the trip, or hopefully sooner! Another extremely valuable aspect of will be my Spanish-language internship with a company in Buenos Aires. I hope to work with a fashion company and know that this experience working with a company in a foreign country will not only make me stand out to potential employers, but also improve my skills and value as a worker. I am counting down the days until I arrive and cannot wait!