IIP Prague Introduction – Abby Purcell

Hi everyone! My name is Abby Purcell and I am currently finishing up my third year at the University of Pittsburgh. I made the decision to come to Pitt before I really knew what I wanted to study and enrolled in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. However, I wasn’t enjoying any of the courses I was taking and halfway through sophomore year I decided to transfer into the College of Business Administration. I am now a double major in Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems and may try to add a Certificate in Business Analytics if I have time next year. Last summer I was taking several courses to make sure I could fit both of my majors in and still graduate on time, which means I didn’t have an internship. So, professionally, I don’t have much experience working in traditional business settings but am looking forward to changing that this summer.

Some background about me that doesn’t have to do with academics or professional experience: I was born and raised in Rochester, New York. I have an older sister and two dogs that are arguably the favorite children in my house. My sister studied abroad for a year in Galway, Ireland when I was a senior in high school and after hearing all about her experience, I knew going abroad was something I needed to do in college. I just finished a year-long term as President of my sorority, Theta Phi Alpha, which has given me some invaluable leadership experience as well as experience managing people.

I chose the International Internship program because after I transferred into CBA, I felt like I was behind the curve with most of my classmates and that instead of studying abroad I needed to get an internship. This program provided the perfect opportunity to do both, as well as visit Prague, a city I’ve never been to before and am very excited to experience! I also chose Prague because it is very centrally located, lending itself well to travel, but also making the business sector much more diverse than other countries.

I hope to gain a lot from this program, most importantly will be the professional experience that comes along with an internship. Along with the experience, I am hoping this program helps me narrow down my professional goals. While I am passionate about both of my majors, I think this program will afford me the opportunity to determine which of the two fields to pursue after graduation. Academically, I am hoping to take what I have learned in many of my major courses so far and finally apply it to real-life business settings. In terms of personal growth, I am hoping to develop more self-confidence and independence. Coming to college certainly helped me with both of those things, but I am set in my ways at Pitt and am very comfortable here. I am looking forward to throwing myself out of my comfort zone in Prague and learning to adjust all over again.

While this post was a nice break from studying for finals, I should get back to it. I’ll be back in 42 days with some updates!