Summer in Shanghai!

Hi everyone! My name is Myles Cooper and I am a sophomore in the College of Business Administration. I’m from West Chester, Pennsylvania which is about four and a half hours east of Pittsburgh. I’m a huge sports fan and Philadelphia sports are my favorite. The sport I like to watch the most is basketball, but I also watch soccer and football. As for my family, I have two younger brothers and both of them are in high school, one is currently a junior and the other is a freshman. In my free time here at the University of Pittsburgh I participate in three different clubs: Enactus, Sports Business Association, and the Club Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team.

Academically, I plan on double majoring in Finance and Business Information Systems, while supplementing this focus with a minor in Economics and a two certificates: one in Leadership and Ethics (CPLE) and the other in Business Analytics. Being a sophomore my career plans are still a little hazy. However, I’ve found an interest in consulting through Enactus. Since joining the club in the fall of my freshman year, I’ve had the opportunity of consulting four different businesses in the Pittsburgh area that were a combination of start-ups and nonprofits. In addition, during the spring of 2018, two of my roommates and I participated in a consulting case competition run by Enactus and placed third. Also, because of my love for sports, I would also like work for Dick’s Sporting Goods whose corporate headquarters are located in Pittsburgh.

One of the main reasons I chose to take advantage of the Global Business Institute program is because I enjoy experiencing and learning about different cultures. This summer I will be traveling to Shanghai, China for nine weeks to take two classes and participate in an internship. Spending my whole summer in China will give me plenty of time to explore the culture. It’s interesting to learn about different cultures that I otherwise don’t know much about since I’ve lived in the United States my whole life. A second reason why I chose this study abroad opportunity is because of the international internship aspect that is tied to this program. This will give me the perfect opportunity to get some real life work experience. I’m excited to learn the similarities and differences between China and United States business.

Personally, what I hope to get out of this global business institute experience is a better informed view of the world. I’ve never been to an Asian country before so I’m looking forward to seeing first hand what life is like in China compared to the United States. Developing a mindset that is more worldly will help me academically and professionally. The College of Business Administration is very diverse; students from different backgrounds and countries interact with each other everyday. Possessing a strong cultural awareness allows one to see the world from different perspectives. The same applies to business in the real world. Due to increasing globalization and a push for more diversity in the workplace, being more aware of different cultures will help me when interacting with my colleagues or employees from different companies. I’m excited to travel to Shanghai this summer with my classmates, and I’m confident that we will be able to react and adapt to the challenges that lie ahead of us!