My Dream Life: Italy Edition

If I was a full-time resident in Italy, and had the opportunity to work here, I would continue living in Florence. Florence is the regional capital of Tuscany, and is known for its landscapes, history, artistic legacy, and its influence on high culture. The Tuscan region is known for its delicious, high-quality wines, cured meats, aged cheeses, and variety of pastas. My life revolves around my love for food, so there is no better place for me to live!

I would love to have a career in the agribusiness industry, so I could turn my love for food into a business one day. Within Florence, there are many interesting food companies that focus on highlighting local products meanwhile maintaining the integrity of historic recipes. Social, economic, and environmental sustainability is also a central focus of the Florentine food industry. There is a strong push for using local products rather than imported goods. This way, the local economy is being supported and the products are of the highest quality because there is less of a need for using harsh chemicals for preservation techniques. In Italy (and Europe as a whole), there is a shift toward using less chemicals in the food industry. It is shocking the amount of dangerous chemicals that can withstand regulations within the United States, since our government has yet to crack down on many chemicals that have been BANNED everywhere else in the world!!! Knowing that I am eating high-quality, safe products for affordable prices is something I have learned to appreciate since living in Italy.

Furthermore, the Italian country-side is like something out of a movie. Specifically, in Tuscany, there are beautiful rolling hills, where vineyards expand for miles upon miles. There is an extensive agriculture industry, including grapes, olives, lemons, and more. I recently added “owning a Tuscan villa” to my bucket list—if that tells you anything! To conclude, I hope that I have the opportunity to live in Italy again one day, because it is truly one of the most peaceful and breathtaking countries I have ever experienced.

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