Sydney’s Best Beaches and Bites

Hi everyone!

If you know me, you know I love exploring new places and especially trying new restaurants. For anyone wanting to travel to Sydney, here are my personal favorite bites to grab at some of Sydney’s best beaches!

Manly Beach:

Manly is actually the furthest away from the city central where we were living, but definitely worth the trip. The best way to get there is by ferry, which is the most fun commute there is! The wharf has a ton of restaurants and bars that all have beautiful views and a great vibe, and the half mile walk to the beach is lined with more shops and restaurants, and has fun markets on Saturdays!

My favorite spots in Manly are:

  • El Camino: a super fun upbeat Mexican restaurant with free chips and salsa and sombreros at every table! They have two locations in Sydney and my friends and I frequented them probably once a week (we’re obsessed!)
  • Acai Bros: I’m a fanatic for açai bowls, and in my hunt to find Sydney’s best, this one was up there! It’s definitely my top choice for food to eat on the beach.
  • Manly Wharf Hotel: a bright, lively restaurant/bar right on the water that attracts all kinds of crowds; check it out for a nice family meal or a chic Sunday party!
Pitaya smoothie bowl @ Speedo’s in Bondi!

Bondi Beach: 

Probably Sydney’s most iconic and well known beach, and for good reason. It stretches about a quarter mile, and then the coast continues on with more beaches in both directions (and a path to walk all of them). It’s beautiful at any time of day and year, and it’s always filled with beach lovers, young and old!

Bondi’s best bites include:

  • Speedo’s Cafe: a unique open air restaurant serving up one of, if not the best brunch in Sydney! We went to the beach for sunrise, and even at the crack of dawn, this place was packed. Their menu items are all both aesthetically pleasing and taste fantastic!
  • Fruitologist: on my continuing hunt for Sydney’s best açai, this place was probably the top recommended. It’s a fresh fruit market that has a smoothie and juice window built into it, and there’s always a line! The bowls are the size of your head, and covered in healthy, fresh, delicious toppings.
Madeline and I enjoying Fruitologist in Bondi Junction!


A little off the beaten path, Cronulla is a small coastal town about an hour train ride south of the city center. We loved the small beach town environment so much that we kept going back! It’s way different than anything you’ll experience at the city beaches.

Where to grab some grub in Cronulla:

  • Blackwood Pantry: if not for anything else, go to Cronulla for this place! It’s another one of the best rated brunch spots in Sydney, and that’s saying something considering the distance. They have a ton of unique, fresh options including my personal favorite: the falafel nourish bowl. It was mixed greens, quinoa falafels, avocado, roasted cauliflower, a poached egg, with yummy dressings and toppings. YUM.
  • D. Bowls: I debated adding this because it was not one of my top açai spots, but its a cult favorite in this area, and definitely worth a try!
Nutie’s GF and vegan donuts! My personal fave is the cookie monster.

Honorable Mentions:

These places aren’t at all the beach, but definitely still on the top of my list:

  • Sydney Fish Markets: a big warehouse type market with tons of different fish vendors. You can come get a spread of seafood for your whole family or just grab some fun sushi (including my favorite, sushi tacos and donuts!)
  • Nutie: This place is known for it’s gluten free and vegan donuts, and since a ton of our friends had dietary restrictions, we had to check it out! It’s a tiny cafe with the line spilling out into the street, and the donuts are to die for, GF or not!
  • Spice Alley: A hidden gem right in our neighborhood, it’s an alley of asian food options that is meant to replicate a hawker style food market. All of the asian food in Sydney is incredible — but this is some of the best. The environment just adds to it!
  • Coogee Pavilion: I would recommend this place for the atmosphere alone — on top of the great food and drinks! It’s steps away from beautiful Coogee beach and has a large dining room downstairs, and an airy rooftop upstairs with amazing views!
Sushi Tacos and Donuts at Sydney’s Fish Markets!

Sydney is known for it’s array of food options, from its unique cafes to its international cuisines. I could have tried a new restaurant every single day and still wouldn’t have made a dent in all of the places Sydney has to offer. However, I did my best and I hope this list makes it to future Sydney visitors! What places did I miss, and what should I try next?

Happy grazing!