The Adventure Awaits!

¡Hola amigos! Just to introduce myself a bit— my name is Abigail Barr, and I am currently wrapping up my sophomore year at Pitt while also getting ready to send myself off to another great big city, Buenos Aires! I plan to graduate with a major in Finance, a minor in Spanish, as well as a Certificate in International Business, and this GBI Buenos Aires program will help me fulfill credits in all three areas. Isn’t that exciting news!

Not only is this program a perfect fit for the obvious reasons, but also due to my fondness for the Spanish culture and language. I have been exposed to Spanish since grade school, and have loved it ever since. Additionally, math has always come very easy to me growing up, which is weird because most people hate numbers. Therefore, these two passions of mine have lead me to (hopefully lol) pursue a career in international business, with a focus in finance as well as incorporating my knowledge of the Spanish language.

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to go on a school trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in which I became further immersed into the Spanish culture. As a result, I have never experienced such a new and diverse outlook and appreciation for life, and now I am so excited that this next life-changing adventure of mine in Buenos Aires is less than a month away!

I truly hope to flourish on a personal level during my time spent in Argentina. Traveling abroad, let alone living, studying, and working abroad—is a huge responsibility and culture shock. For this reason, I hope to develop tremendously in regards to my adaptability, self-reliance, cultural intelligence, and confidence in my use of the Spanish language. I also hope that the internship I’m taking part in while abroad will allow for me to learn and use applicable skills towards my desired profession, as well as gain first-hand exposure to international business practices. Additionally, I will be taking the class, “Analyzing and Exploring the Global City,” because of how important it is to recognize cultural behaviors when learning a language or how businesses and people function worldwide. I cannot stress enough how beyond eager I am to engage and bond with all of the people of Buenos Aires, also known as the “porteños,” especially my host family, in order to deepen my connection with their culture and daily practices.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated of my experience in Buenos Aires, but for the time being, ¡Chao!