April 21st, 2019

Dear Apple Tree,

I wonder what you will see when you finally open your eyes this spring. Will you see all the times I smiled? I suppose that’s too silly of a notion, for a tree to see without her leaves.

My fall semester ended well enough. I received three As and three Bs, which gets me that much closer to my degree in Material Science and Engineering. While I do love to learn, final’s season hits me pretty hard each semester. As a gift to myself and to save up some money, I decided to take a year off to gain work experience in my field and to study abroad. So, when I took my last final in mechanical design you would of seen me smile.

After that, it was a bunch of family gatherings and sleeping in. My favorite family gathering was for my younger cousin’s unicorn themed birthday party. I invited my boyfriend at the time to the event. Early on we decided to buy each other something unicorn themed. While I purchased him a cute sparkly headband, he found me a bright green unicorn onesie that I was slightly embarrassed to wear.

As the festivities of the new year came to an end, I moved from St. Marys, Pennsylvania to Ravenswood, West Virginia for my second rotation on co-op at Constellium. For this rotation I was on the hotline where I had the opportunity to see aluminum ingots being rolled down with incredible force. It was here I let my inner nerd come out and asked question after question when something interesting popped up. Although my time there wasn’t just about work, I made some pretty great friends while I was there too. I got to hike a lot, learn how to ride a dirt bike, and even try aerial yoga. Easy to say, I got a couple of bruises along the way.

As of now, I am preparing for my study abroad trip to India, where we will be backpacking through the Himalayas and learning about leadership. I can’t express to you how excited I am, but you will see soon enough when those leaves of yours finally decide to come out.

<3/The Girl in the Silly Green Hat