Permanent Florentine

If I permanently moved to Florence, I would want to live in an apartment across the river in the Santo Spirito area.  That area is a little further from all of the tourist attractions around the Duomo, but it is still in the city center.  It is within walking distance to plenty of restaurants and stores, but away from all of the crowds of people. I would like the apartment to be basic with two bedrooms so I could have a housemate., and I would want it to have classic Italian charm. My dream job while living there would be a travel agent and blogger. I would like to use my travel experiences to help others with their adventures.  I could help tourists find the best transportation to different cities and countries, and then plan the best itinerary for their trip. In order to provide the best services, I would take personal trips to explore new places, and then create a plan for others to travel to that place.  I would keep an online blog to post pictures, videos, and stories from all of the places that I have traveled to, and I would post other peoples’ experiences on there as well. It would be a great way for me to remember everything I’ve done, and a great way for others to learn about any places that they want to go.  Italy is in a great location for traveling to other countries, so I would love to continue exploring Europe. Getting paid to travel and write would be the ideal job. If I was a full time resident, I would continue studying Italian so that I would be fluent. I would put more effort into meeting locals and creating friendships with them.  I would try to connect with my neighbors by inviting them over for dinner. After meeting new friends I would enjoy going out to bars and locales with them on the weekends. I would then like to become friends with the owners of the shops. Lastly, I would try to get to know others in the community by going to church on Sundays. I’m sure that being a permanent resident in Florence would be a great life!