All Good Things Must Come to an End

It almost feels as though my time in Sydney was a dream and I am finally waking up to reality. As I waited to board my plane to leave Australia, it wasn’t until I looked back on all my pictures to realize all the things I had done. I got to get up close and personal with wild animals (roos and koalas and dingos, oh my!), I explored stunning sights (Blue Mountains, Palm Beach, Taronga Zoo), traveled to a Bali, Indonesia, saw a ballet at the Sydney Opera House, relaxed on gorgeous beaches, and met so many interesting people. I would say that Australia exceeded my expectations in just how amazing of a place Sydney was to live. There were so many beautiful parks and playgrounds, talented street performers, and delicious restaurants; it only made sense why Sydney possessed such an outdoor culture.

Each day was drastically different from the next and that is what I enjoyed most about living in Sydney: there was always something to do. More and more I became familiar with getting around the city, which made it feel like home. Australia’s culture and way of life is very similar to that of the States. Although I experienced only a slight culture shock, I was able to observe what made Aussie’s different. Just from observing Aussie’s out and about, I learned of their humor and how they see the rest of the world.

Living in another country hundreds of miles away from home for three months, I learned and gained skills that enabled me to grow personally, academically, and professionally.

Darling Harbour
View of Darling Harbour


Before coming to Australia, my personal goal was to put myself out of my comfort zone and experience as much as I could. It is fair to say that I have done and seen quite a lot in the 13 weeks of living in Sydney. Not only did I need to plan out my adventures throughout the week, I also needed to live independently and be responsible of the mundane tasks. Each Sunday I meal prepped so as to lower the time spent cooking throughout the week. I also needed to learn how to budget my spending on groceries and eating out. Prioritizing my time made me realize which parts of my life were truly important and what I wanted to focus on most. Consequently, I made a list of long-term goals using my prioritizing strategy that I hope to accomplish in the future.


After completing International Marketing, Managing Global Supply Chains, and Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: Sydney, I gained more knowledge from a global perspective. I did not realize the extent it took in creating an international marketing plan to cater to the various cultures in the foreign markets. I also learned of how much influence the United States has on the rest of the world mainly in terms of economics and social issues. I would not have truly understood how globalized the world has become had I not seen the international impact and presence in Sydney.


Working at Espresso Communications has taught me a great deal about different work cultures and the factors that I would want when working in a company. The internship experience allowed me the inner workings of an Australian communications agency that dealt with international clients. Since the work structure was flat, I was able to learn and ask questions to all of Espresso’s employees from the CEO to account coordinators. I greatly appreciated learning more about the PR industry. I was given assignments that taught me the daily workings of a PR agency such as drafting cover notes. A lot of my tasks contained administrative work such as transcribing interviews, entering data, assisting with the daily digest, and creating coverage boards. I was also in charge of creating a six-month social media coverage presentation in collecting, analyzing, and inferencing data to make recommendations on how can increase its social media platforms. I hope to continue emerging myself in various work cultures so as to understand which environment I enjoy the most whether that be in corporate or working in a smaller agency. I am very appreciative of being apart of Espresso’s family and meeting such caring and talented people!

–  –  –

I will be forever grateful to have lived in Sydney for three months. I always knew growing up that I wanted to study abroad in college and looking back now Sydney was everything and more than I could have ever dreamed. I have learned more about what makes me happy and where I might want to go in life, and I most likely would not have come to this epiphany as early as I did had I not studied abroad. Thank you to my family, friends, and Pitt for allowing me this opportunity that enriched my life!