Cheerio London!

I still can’t believe that my time in London is officially over. This was my favorite semester of college due to my experiences, memories I made, and personal growth.

Personally, I was able to learn so much more about different cultures through exploring London and weekend travels with my peers. In London, I learned so much about the importance of diversity in food, entertainment, and activities. While traveling to Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France, I finally began to understand major differences between groups of people, even if they share some type connection in their country’s history. In addition, I increased my organizational skills by having to balance coursework, exploring London, and traveling to other countries.

While abroad, I took five classes that helped me learn more about marketing from an international lens, global supply chains, and culture in London. These classes added a different perspective than those I would have taken at Pitt, so I am very grateful for this opportunity. Specifically, I really enjoyed International Marketing as it made me realize how much I want to work on an international expansion project for a company in the future. I also thoroughly enjoyed my Urban Studies class as it brought me to various places in London that I would not necessarily normally go to such as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  

Even though I did not have an internship, I still grew professionally from my program. Specifically, my International Marketing course provided me with unique opportunities to attend a marketing conference and learn from guest lecturers. Through this experience, I gained an even deeper understanding of the importance of international marketing, but also develop further on my networking skills. Additionally, since a lot of my classes involved group projects, I was able to work on my teamwork and organizational skills in a group setting, which will help me tremendously in the future.

Some of my key takeaways from the program include:

  1. Take the time to travel, even if it’s just to other cities in the U.S.A. The value of experiencing other cultures is vital to personal development.
  2. Communication is key to almost every situation. In my courses, putting a strong emphasis on proper communication with group members allowed us to do well on our projects. In between friends, communication is important to make sure everyone is aware of what is going on for the day’s events.
  3. Expect the unexpected. I know this sounds a little cliche, but when traveling or working with people from different backgrounds, things may not go as planned. While challenging, this is okay, and it allows for the utmost personal and academic development.


I hope to use all of the lessons I learned from this study abroad program in my future career and at Pitt Business. Whether that be through a broader international perspective in my courses or stronger teamwork skills, this program has truly changed me for the better. I would also love to talk to other Pitt Business students who are interested in studying abroad about my experiences, and explain why studying abroad is so important.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blogs over the past semester. Although it still feels weird to be home, I’m excited for my internship this summer and to be back at Pitt in the fall for my senior year.

Until next time London, cheerio!