Ciao Firenze!

After an extra week of travelling, and a hectic rush to watch my brother graduate from Pitt, I am FINALLY back home …and boy, does it feel good. (I don’t think I have ever seen my dog happier.)

My time in Florence was so special and will have a lasting impact on my life. I still haven’t quite processed how much I accomplished in just 4 months. Along the way, I met many great people, I traveled to places that used to show up on my Windows home screen, I ate just the best foods I could imagine, and I have also grown as an individual in various ways. I was fully immersed in Italian culture, and even identified differences in business conduct in Italy and learned techniques to mend cultural distances in the business world. My experience studying abroad surpassed any expectations I had.

When I arrived in Florence in January, I had no idea just how fulfilling my time would be. I was nervous to be out of my comfort zone for such a long period of time, but I throughout my time I noticed a new kick of energy that came along with every new experience. Even in times that weren’t as glamorous, hilarious memories sprouted and lessons were definitely learned. My time abroad really challenged my patience, and forced me to trust that everything would be okay. I learned not only to be smart about my money, but that you don’t need a lot of money to make the best memories.

Furthermore, I gained a whole new sense of appreciation for other cultures, as well as a new appreciation for my own. One of my favorite things in life is learning about the way of life in different places all over the world. It is fascinating learning about the history of a country and more so how it developed into what it is like today. Spending time in other countries also made me quite grateful for my background and the conveniences that come with being an American. As beautiful as travelling is, nothing compares to the warmth of being home. While I still plan to travel as much as I can in the future, I’m truly happy and excited to stay put for a while… but we’ll see how long that lasts!

Before wrapping this up, I wanted to say one final thanks to Pitt Business and the board of the James B. Tafel Endowed Scholarship Fund for aiding such life-changing experiences! I am forever grateful to have done this.

Ciao ciao for now!