Almost Trek Time!

This leadership class has transformed me in many ways the key concepts of the course have really effected my thinking on how I lead. I have been in so many leadership roles through my life especially concentrated in my college career, and I had been feeling as if I had been doing a good job. While i think that this is true for the most part my new focus is really centered around the development of my leadership, and minimizing the week points. Before this course i had not deeply considered my weaknesses in leadership, and therefore was not aware enough of them to make meaningfully changes.

While my focus has partially shifted to weak points it has also enlightened me further on what I have been doing well. My thoughts that I had been doing a good job previous to this course and experience was not totally off base. Even with the areas of improvement i think that the bulk of my leadership will remain similar to how it was. Similar is an operative word in this statement, my intentions were absolutely in the right place, and that is what i will primarily retain. I also think that my leadership style of positivity, and encouragement will stay true, but with a further understanding of the “basements” of these traits, and how to avoid them. I think one of my most important take aways from this experience so far has been the skill of perpetuating the skills that i have already been displaying with refinement.

Lastly this course has provided me with an enormous amount of new ideas and systems I am excited to implement in my future leadership indevers, and life in general. One of many examples of this would be the feedback model we recently discussed. I am already imagining how it will apply to many role in the Outdoors Club. There are so many things that my peers do that i think would be awesome to point out using this model to further behavior. Also i feel a lot more confidence about giving my peers constructive feedback on their behavior that could be improved upon. There are countless other examples of skills that i have learned, or gained a much deeper and functional understanding of during the past week.

Another huge take away I have came to understand is the value of leadership at every place time and role I may take in life. The answer to the question is that leadership is crustal from the front middle and back of every group for success. The leadership roles i have occupied through my life so far have taught me this probably more than any following role i have ever had. Specifically i have one friend named Jon that is the classic servant leader and active follower. I have never felt the importance of people like this as i experienced in tough situations this year on outdoors club trips i was in charge of. This guy bailed me out, and put the needs of the group before himself as a follower with enormous impacts on the results of group goals. I did not recognize these technical terms behind this behavior, and i know that he does not, but he has taught me lessons about active follower-ship, and leading from a variety of roles that i will never forget.