To Permanently Live in Florence

If I were to permanently live in Florence, I would want to live on the south side of the Arno.  This area is generally less crowded and is home to some of Florence’s best restaurants and trades shops.  Ideally, I could work in some area of the arts, while still utilizing my finance degree.  For instance, it would be great to work at one of Florence’s many museums – doing capital budgeting for projects, such as special exhibitions, acquiring new artworks, or expanding technological capabilities.  Indeed, it seems almost impossible to find work in Florence that is not somehow related to the city’s history of being the birthplace of the Renaissance.  Also, I would love to be able to travel to different parts of Italy and Europe for my job.  Being in Florence for a short 14 weeks made me realize that Italy has a fantastic system of trains that link the major cities, including Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan, and Venice; it also helps that Italy is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, as well as in Central Europe – just a short flight to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and elsewhere.

Aspects of the Florentine and Italian cultures that I would further explore include the current political scene, learning more of the Italian language, and becoming involved in local volunteering.  While in Florence, we heard stirrings of a tumultuous political situation in Italy – not much different from our own – and I would like to get a better sense of the specific political parties’ and figures’ beliefs, as well as the framework of the Italian Constitution, which seems to change every 3 years.  Here, I should mention that it would be fascinating to reside in an EU nation; I would love to see the system more up close in order to form more thoughtful ideas on the state of this unique system, made up of some 27/28 nations.  I could not feel satisfied living permanently in Florence unless I learned to speak Italian.  Not only is it a beautiful language, but also it would be a constructive challenge, which could show my neighbors my intention to become more familiar with their culture.  Lastly, I would want to volunteer in various areas in order to witness the real problems some residents of Florence face.  I know this would help me meet more people and develop a more empathetic mindset; in today’s world, we should all try to see at least parts of others’ opinions that make sense towards making a nation a better place, rather than dismissing challenging ideas altogether.

Finally, I would like to describe a regular Friday in my new home…  First, I would depart for work after having an espresso and croissant at the local bar.  Later, I would grab a panini for lunch, along with another espresso.  After work, I would bike home, stopping at the local supermarket to pick up ingredients for a weekend of cooking.  I would make dinner, meet with friends, and catch up on world events and sports.