And Now the Work Begins

After being in Berlin for a week now, I can honestly say that this city is everything I hoped it would be. Not only is it easy to navigate, but the city offers so much to do every single day. I have made it a goal of mine to explore a different part of the city everyday in order to really immerse myself in the experience. This past orientation week has been very exciting and gave us a great experience to explore the city. We did everything from seeing the Brandenburg Tor to visiting a major political party. This past week also gave me a feel for what to expect going into a German company since I was able to experience German culture first hand. While spending time with the group is great, it is also important to try to explore a little bit by yourself as well. For example, one day I went on a run with a few others and it turned into a trip to the Victoria Column. Another trip to the East Side Gallery turns into a great night hanging out with a few of your friends at a Biergarten. I have done so much just within the first week and already feel like I won’t have time to see it all, that’s why I’m going to make an effort to get out as much from this city as possible.

While there have been many amazing times so far, it comes with its own struggles. Jet lag is very real. I am only now starting to get onto a healthy and sustainable schedule. Even though I get enough sleep, there are times I feel tired. Grocery shopping was also its own miniature battle. My roommate and I didn’t get to go until Sunday, which is a terrible idea for a place that only has a few grocery stores in the whole city on Sunday. Not only was it packed, but we also had to take the time to look through everything because the products are not at all similar to the US’s. Despite these few struggles, there have been very few other issues.

As far as work is concerned, today was a great first day. I work for Wantedly which is an Employer Branding firm that focuses on finding employer and employee matches based on passions and interests rather than just skill sets. They work with both companies who display themselves and what they have to offer, as well as candidates that want to “visit” companies in order to see if the company will be a good fit. This vision comes from people wanting to work for a company that aligns with their core beliefs. I am doing Marketing for this company, specifically focusing on running different Google and Facebook Ad campaigns. In the next few weeks I’ll be working on learning those platforms as well as assisting with other tasks such as working with content development and interacting with clients.

Since the company is a small tech start-up it requires a person to be very self driven. While people do have specific tasks and deadlines, there is also an endless amount of work that can be done. There is always something to work on or improve. This is good for me because I will never be bored with a lack of work and there will always be a variety of projects that I can get involved in in many different areas of business. My supervisor definitely values efficient work. He wants to make sure that I set daily goals in order to achieve some task. We have come up with various campaigns to work on and assess how long it takes me to develop one in order for him to give me more projects. The goal is for me to create several campaigns on my own and analyze the data. I will always be working towards earning certificates in both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These will be great technical skills that I could market to an employer. I also have to be good at learning by doing in this position since it is pretty self monitored work. While I have daily meetings with my supervisor, he is not trying to micromanage me, but rather to guide me through the process while we tackle each problem together. Working at a start-up so far seems to be much more collaborative than I would have expected, which is a great learning experience for me since I have never worked this directly with a team.

Tomorrow evening my company is holding a talk about Company Culture for the public. They are bringing in speakers and offering networking opportunities. This is a program they host every month, which in my opinion is a great way to bring the working together.

Overall my experience so far has been amazing and I can’t wait for what each day brings me! Until next time! -Abby