Settled into the Motherland

Although I was born in London, I have never quite experienced this incredible city as I have throughout the past two weeks! I was lucky to arrive a week before the program started with my mother who showed me around the city a little bit before moving me into my flat with my roommates. Throughout that first week I was able to catch up with family and see some tourist attractions as well as spend quality time with my mother. I then moved into my flat in Camden Town last Wednesday, and it could honestly have not been better so far. Everyone I have met is so nice, and we have all been enjoying each other’s company. Before I delve into the details of my trip so far, I would just like to thank my family, Pitt Business and CAPA for allowing me to experience this incredible opportunity to study abroad and intern in London!

Town of South Kensington – where my classes are located

My flat is located in the eccentric town of Camden, where there are numerous markets, amazing street art, friendly people, and of course, delicious pubs! It’s a vibrant and diverse town known for it’s ever buzzing night life and unique people. I feel lucky to live here and experience such a young and upcoming city that is quite different from the typical stereotypes of posh London. Also, my flatmates and I have become very close after exploring our new home and participating in walking tours as well as adventuring on our own throughout Camden. Our favorite part of this town is probably the Camden Markets which host food from almost every part of the world as well as unique shops and boutiques expressing anything and everything.

Camden Markets & Canal

Camden is also very close to the center of London, and it is really easy to hop on the tube and visit all the attractions in the city as well as travel to our classes and internships. I am taking two classes here through CAPA Global Education Network, which has study abroad programs located throughout the world. These classes focus on reflecting on our internship and global experience, as well as studying the international accounting issues and the differences in accountancy all across the globe. Just yesterday, we had our first site visit to PwC, a Big Four accounting firm, and the other students in my accounting program and I were able to talk to PwC employees about international tax here in the UK as well as the USA. It was a unique experience that allowed us to gain a slight understanding of tax and how it works (it can get very complicated and none of us really have experience with this area yet so we only covered the very surface), and I have to admit that it is not as boring as I thought it would be. We were also able to tour the PwC building and see incredible views of the London Eye as well as Buckingham Palace.

Site Visit at PwC

Next week, I begin my internship at Kingston Smith, a top 20 UK accounting and audit firm, and I will be working with the data analytics team to learn how to code and how to present information to clients and management in an easy yet sufficient form. I am extremely excited about this position as I do not have any experience with data analytics, yet as it is an up and coming practice, the skills I will gain will be useful later on in life no matter what.

Well, that’s all I have for now! Stay tuned for the rest of my journey and my awesome experience in my birthplace for the next 6 weeks!