It’s Time to Flourish

I have finally arrived and settled in to my new home for the next month! It took a few adjustments for me to adapt to the daily routines here in Buenos Aires. Luckily, my host family is very helpful and comforting, AND they have a dog—it can’t get any better, right!? I am staying in an apartment here in the Recoleta neighborhood, with my host mother, her daughter Manuela, and of course Coco (the puppy).  

I was somewhat scared and nervous at first to live with a different family, however, they greeted me with kisses and made me feel at home immediately. I love how close we became within only the first week or so, especially with Manuela because we are so much alike and similar in age—we could be sisters!

Some adjustments that weren’t so easy would be the eating schedule here, in which they eat dinner at 9pm, and I am usually starving by then! This city is a city that never sleeps. The night life is incredible and very fun, but I am ready for bed by the time they go out…which is around 1 or 2am. I am getting used to this routine, but was very very tired the first week, as you could expect. Another challenge that I am still facing is the language barrier. Although it is still functional and I can get around well, it is difficult because of the specific accent unique to Buenos Aires.

My daily commute to school and work is not so bad, unless if it is during rush hour, because there is even more traffic than in Pittsburgh! I didn’t think that was even possible! I usually take a bus, which is nice because they run similar to the bus system back in the Burgh. I like taking a bus because it is cheaper than a taxi, however they can get extremely crowded, or easy to get lost at first lol. My commute to my internship is a bit further than class, so I like to take a taxi to avoid being late. Public transportation here can get extremely crowded and overwhelming, on the bus or subway, so my tip to anyone who plans to visit this enormous city is to wear your backpack in the front of you to avoid being pick-pocketed—scary, right?

My main goal here is to have a meaningful experience, and grow on a personal level, as well as academically. I hope to better and obtain qualities such as self-reliance, confidence, and open-mindedness. I also hope that my Spanish vocabulary will increase, and that I will become even more comfortable having a high-level conversation (and actually understanding everything that is going on)! So far, my experience here has been nothing but positive, and I only expect that the rest of my trip will be even better! Thrive baby!