Week One In The Books

This is my first full week since being in London and it’s been a great experience. I am living in Camden Town which has so much history. I had the chance to explore the town not only on my own but with an actual tour guide who was able to give us more of the history behind this place. Some of the best features of living in Camden Town is their market. This market is open everyday and it is filled with food vendor’s and other stores selling anything you can possibly imagine. On several nights there is live music at the restaurant’s and pubs.  What is interesting about this market is that is it located in the historic Pickfords stables and old warehouses. Along with the market, there are several canals surrounding the town which is used as a source of transportation still to this day.

I am sharing an apartment with two other girls but it has been a great experience so far. One great thing about this program was that you are able to request who you would like to live with and I was placed with both of the girls that I wanted to live with.

Another great feature about this location is how close it is to the tube station. In London the main form of transportation is the underground tube system. At first I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to figure out how to get from place to place, but turns out it is much easier than I thought. The CAPA center where we have our classes is about a 35 minute tube ride and my internship is about 45 minutes from my apartment. At first that seemed like a long time, but in reality most people commute over an hour each way to work in London so I can’t complain about my commute. I am adjusting to the culture on the public transportation as well. The majority of the time people do not talk to one another on the trains instead they are either reading the paper or on their phones. So I have started to grab a free paper before going into the tube station and reading it on my way to work and classes.

The time has been flying since I arrived in London but there is still so much more to explore and see during my time here. And I can’t wait to see more.