Instantly Feeling at Home

It seems that within a blink of an eye, I’ve already been in London for an entire week. It is incredible how quickly time is already moving here as I begin my weekly routine of taking classes and working in my internship. Before coming here, I could not decide whether I would expect the program to fly by or drag slowly along, but it looks like just after this week it will go by fairly quickly.

One of the most exciting things to learn about before coming here was my housing details. Two weeks before the program began, I saw that I was placed in Hawley apartments in Camden Town. Immediately upon finding this out, I looked up the address on Google Maps to see what the outside of the apartment building looked like. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw and I was even more excited to learn our building was directly across the street from a large Sainsbury’s supermarket. Besides this, not a whole lot of other information was provided about the housing except for services provided, my roommates’ names, and what I would be expected to do for the apartment in terms of cleaning and such. I actually preferred this; while I would have liked to see what the inside of the apartment looked like before arriving, I thought it was pretty exciting going into the program without any sort of expectations held beforehand, whether they be set higher or lower than reality.

Since arriving in London, I was amazed by everything I saw. If I had set any sort of expectations before, they would have been immediately exceeded. The tube ride over was fairly easy to navigate and definitely quelled the nerves I had about having to take the public transportation on a day-to-day basis. I can still clearly remember leaving the Camden Town tube station and being greeted with the town I would be living in for the next six weeks. It looked incredibly lively; there were all different types of people talking and laughing together, trendy shops and really interesting architecture.

My living situation was also very nice; the first week in the apartment has been largely successful! My roommates are extremely kind and proactive about doing their part in keeping the rooms neat. My actual roommate, as in the one with whom I am sharing a room, has been my roommate at Pitt since freshman year, so we clearly have gotten along very well! In addition to my good friend, I am living with two other people with whom I have gotten along very well so far. I certainly look forward to these upcoming weeks with them!