Much Love from London!

Dear America, 

I have been in London a little over a week, and it has been absolutely amazing. It has exceeded every expectation and rendered previous understandings of what I thought I knew about Britain. 

It is a bit more regal than America. You need to dress up a little more for what Americans define as “casual.” They have more of a preppy clothing style. 

I live in Camden Town, which is known for being a music-oriented and eclectic place; let me tell you, what you have heard is true. It is fantastic! Being the music lover I am, I have absolutely loved the live music everywhere. A lot of famous musicians started out here (most commonly known: Amy Winehouse). 

Not all neighborhoods are as hip and trendy though. I went to Kensington a week ago for the first time and was in awe. It is absolutely breath taking. Everything is so royal (hence why it is called the royal borough) and classy. The architecture all throughout London is unlike anything I have ever seen. The pillars, columns, and structures of the buildings are unreal. It really grounds you and helps you realize how new of a country America is. We do not have anything like this in the States.

Ahh yes, now time to talk about the “tube.” Being the clumsy person I am, have I gotten lost on it? Yes. However, was it clearly marked and completely my fault? Yes. Being a native Pittsburgher, the closest thing we have to an underground is the T, which is a complete joke in comparison to the tube. The public transportation in London is beyond efficient. Going back to the PAT buses of Pittsburgh is truly going to be a disappointment and a downgrade. 

As I mentioned in my first post, I am working at The London Edition. It is a luxury lifestyle hotel, part of Marriott. My first day, I had orientation. They took some fellow newbies and me downstairs, and we walk into a room full of at least 40 people clapping. Apparently, this is how they welcome new staff. It was quite a warm welcome. I received training about the accounting software and systems within the hotel. I am trying my best to learn quickly; it has been an information overload. 

In the next coming weeks, I am looking forward to becoming more of a “local.” I also have a Paris trip planned and a Dublin trip. 

Much Love from London!


P.S. Here’s a picture of the London Eye! I rode on it.