Art Gallery Internship

Update: Week 2

Life is good in Paris. It turns out the Parisians drink Rose like water. I am not much of a drinker; however, the wine does taste better here. I think I am now 50% pasta, and 50% bread and butter and i’ve never been more okay with that. I’ve been babysitting my neighbors kids for the last few days, which is interesting to say the least. I can barely understand little kids in english, much less when they speak french. If you are familiar with the cartoon Tom and Jerry, that is exactly what they sound like. The sun seems to never set here, which has made my life 50x better because I actually go out after work, which is something I did not do when I co oped this past semester.

I’ve been running to the Eiffel Tower daily, which as a type sounds ridiculously amazing, and it is. I am too blessed. The internship is going well, however work is work. It is a little challenging to talk to clients in french, I feel like I have to preface every conversation with: “hey i’m american”. I love my co workers, so much so I hung out with them the other day outside of work. I love working in an Art Gallery because I am listening to music all day, I am around artsy people and I am constantly on my feet.

Speaking of feet I’ve been easily hitting 20,000 steps daily which is insane. At Pitt during finals, my Pacer App tells me i’ve literally take 16 steps in an entire day. I’m being dramatic but the difference is insane. This update has been a little longer than anticipated but in summary: life is good in Paris. See picture below 🙂


This week’s prompt is: How do you manage your time at your internship and practice prioritizing your tasks?

This question is a bit difficult to tackle due to the nature of my internship. I am not given tasks or specific assignments as much as I have just been trying to learn my way around the gallery. When I come to my internship in the morning, I immediately get to work, doing whatever the other interns are doing. I just continuously ask people what I can help them with, as opposed to them giving me specific tasks. I try to stay always busy, and if I am not needed, I go and rearrange the works of art in the show room. It definitely is a lot more flexible than the work environments I am used to in the states, but I think the difference can be attributed to the culture, the art world in general, and the fact that I don’t speak the language fluently.

I imagine when I am given more concrete tasks, I will try to manage my time by working diligently and setting obtainable / achievable goals about when to complete these tasks. Additionally, in the future, I think I will be able to do more independent work in the gallery, and balancing that work with the work I am given might be difficult to balance. In that case, I will prioritize the tasks I am given by my director and then if I have free time work on my independent tasks. Similarly, it is important to note that if there is a sale, that is always the task that takes priority. Tomorrow is my second week of the internship and I am looking forward to feeling less like a newbie! I will keep you posted! A bientot! Until next time…