Across the Pond

It has only been a week, and I have already enjoyed this experience a ton. This experience is only my second time I have ever been outside of the United States, and my first time across the pond, and I have had nothing but good experiences so far and hope to continue that trend for the next seven weeks. Our trip to Glendalough, Lough Tay, and Powerscourt Gardens has opened my eyes to the beauty of Ireland that I was always told about as a kid but never had the chance to see for myself. Outside of the beauty of Ireland, I have settled in nicely in my apartment. I live in a town of Dublin called Santry. It is a nice, quiet, clean town on the north side of Dublin. I stay in Shanowen Square Student Residences, which is right next to Dublin City University (DCU). It is a bit far from my internship office, as it calls for about a 50 minute travel time, but the Dublin Bus brings me directly to and from the office so I do not really have to worry about that at all.

Speaking of my internship, I am working with a company called Martin Nolan and Associates. This is a very small company, but it does not have the responsibilities as such. This company operates as a talent booking and programming agency for musicians from Ireland and the U.K. They have managed and booked musicians to perform in the top venues across Ireland and the U.K., as well as the U.S.A., Asia, and the rest of Europe. When looking at the roster of talent that they manage, it is shocking to think that this company is comprised of only 4 employees. They manage local up-and-coming talent such as JYellowL and Tadgh, as well as worldwide superstars such as Nelly and Coolio. The range of talent that Martin Nolan manages is a huge testament to their success and versatility as a company. There are a couple of keys that are necessary to succeed within this industry, as well as a surprising key that is sort of not in any of our control. Being organized is a huge key to success within this industry. This company is working with many difference musicians and venues in order to create the perfect match. With all this information floating around, there needs to be some sort of organization method put in place to make sure that no mistakes are made, and everything runs as smoothly as possible. Without organizational processes certain things can go wrong that can completely derail a planned performance, and that is a huge negative for both parties. Another key to success within this business is reputation. There is nothing more important for venues and record companies to decide whether or not they want to work with you than reputation. And Martin Nolan and Associates have that. With their long list of talent and the successes that they have had with their talent, venues, festivals, and record companies all want to work with their talent, which is income for Martin Nolan. But just because this company has that reputation does not mean that they can keep it with no work. This company still has to continue to improve, as this will only bolster their reputation and keep the venues and record companies to want to work with them. The last key is not exactly something we as humans can control, and that is luck. There is some luck when it comes to acquiring talent, since talent relies on the opinion of others. If Martin Nolan can grab a musician that just recently makes a song that becomes a hit, that is more luck than anything. This works the other way as well. A musician might be very talented, but their work never gains traction. You don’t fully know how things will work out, and that is something unique to this area of business. Since this is Ireland, work culture is very different here, and this is seen within Martin Nolan and Associates. The culture is much more laid back, and there is no requirement for suits or where you work from or anything like that. The only important thing is that the work gets done, and it gets done on time. It does not matter how or when you do the work, it just needs to be finished. That is the main competency within Ireland’s work culture.


I am super excited to finally start working this week, and I cannot wait to see what tasks I will have to do. This area of business is very interesting to me, and I am prepared to do my best.