Coming Back to the States

I have been back in the states for a while now and I am still missing the accents and the meat pies and thinking about when the next time i will be able to go back to the city i called home for four months. I am glad to be back in a familiar place with people I know and miss, but I some days I miss London more than other days. I think about all the friendships I made, whether it was people who go to my university or the people who live on the other side of the country. I miss my internship and the friendships i made while working there. I liked my internship so much that when I got back i immediately sent a care package of the best American snacks. i just wish i was there to see their reactions. Although I am back in the states and ready to continue the friendships that I have made, I will always share those memories with people that will be apart of my life forever. Studying abroad is bittersweet and I would not have changed a thing. I have made amazing friendships and when people say you find yourself and you growth, they aren’t lying. This was an experience of a lifetime and I am so glad that I chose to go to London, it is now my new home abroad and I am counting down the days, or years, until i can go back again. I hope sooner rather than later and I am so blessed to be able to say that i have lived abroad. I am extremely grateful for what this experience has done for me and I hope more people do what i have done. There are so many things that I already miss about London, and yes surprisingly the food is something that I miss. And I miss the tv and their crazy reality shows and how they barely have any commercials. They might be little things, but they made an impact that I will never forget and I will always miss.