Classes Abroad

Being in London for as long as I have been, I can see myself being able to live here and work here in the future. Four months in London will be long enough for my first time living and working here. At the point that i am now, I have finally gotten over homesickness and have come to the realization that when it comes time to leave I will be extremely sad. I am glad that i speak the same language, I know that if i lived in a country that English wasn’t the spoken language it would be a lot harder for me. It had made working and going to school a lot easier. I know for me, sometimes I can’t understand the British accent, but context clues help me to understand what they are saying. If i can barely understand an accent in my native language, then I don’t know how i’m supposed to live in a country that doesn’t understand my language. Having to concentrate on the British accent made me focus a lot more in my classes. Even though i was in a different country, teaching methods were the same and the only difference were the exams. In the states, exams are usually multiple choice, while in the UK exams are structured like papers. Questions were all based on observations and opinions with a hint of memorization. That was the only difference I noticed and obviously the size of the classes, they were a lot smaller considering there weren’t that many students. Some tips for students is to not be afraid to take a class that is completely out of the norm for you, I did that and that class ended up being my favorite. No matter what class you take, it will be very enjoyable because of the professors. All of mine were extremely nice and wanted me to succeed. Another tip is to not be afraid to talk in class, professors love it and will make you stand out and if you’re behind in class they are more willing to help you. If you don’t participate they will notice because the classes are so small. The classes I took abroad will always be me favorite classes throughout my entire college career.