Managing My Time in Dublin

Two weeks in Ireland. First week at my internship completed. Another week of adventure, learning, and making memories! I am becoming a lot more familiar with the public transportation, which is great because if you were to ask me about it at the beginning of the trip, well, I’d give you a completely different response. I guess the Dublin Buses aren’t impossible after all!

My first week of the internship was great. I’ve gotten to know everybody at work better, and just as I said from the start, they are all excellent and welcoming people. I am happy I will be able to work alongside all of them for the duration of the summer. Everyday I am learning and understanding more and more about Human Resources, and more specifically, the recruitment process. While I am dealing with my own work I also have the pleasure of getting to listen in on some of my co-worker’s phone calls with different clients. It’s amazing to see how many components go into the process. I am told I may even be doing some phone calls myself this week. I’ll let you know how that goes next week…

While work is still a bit overwhelming (I still have a lot to learn and familiarize myself with), I do feel a lot more confident about my work then I did at the start of last week. I am beginning to plan and organize my different tasks at work and am becoming a lot more comfortable with the different tasks I am assigned. This includes editing and formatting CVs, helping create job listings, and other various tasks I am assigned throughout the day. Overall, I have already learned a lot in this one week, and I am very excited to see how much more I can learn during my time here.

Now as the days progress and I become more comfortable in the workplace, this does mean I am starting to get assigned more difficult tasks. And when one is faced with multiple difficult tasks, time management plays a key role. Luckily I am no stranger to time management – college has prepared me quite a bit (Thanks, Pitt!). Every single day when I come into work (and throughout the day), I set aside the first few minutes and write down my different assignments on a piece of paper. This helps me break down my day and doing this makes all the tasks a lot less intimidating.

On my first day, Tuesday, I also had the chance to sit in on a meeting at work. Coincidentally, the meeting was about organization and managing your time. I learned a lot of different tips, such as taking some time the night before you go to work to plan your day. In addition, similar to what I am doing, you should make a checklist of the different tasks you have. However, instead of just making it a checklist, you should make the list as specific as possible. For example, instead of your first bullet point being “Call Client A”, your first bullet point should be “Call Client A @ (insert phone number)”. This way, you don’t only have the task there that you need to do, but you also have the instructions and information required to get the task done. This makes your work day a lot more organized and easy.

Besides managing my time while at work, I also have to plan my day outside of work. Generally, my daily routine consists of the following: wake up at 7:45 am, making some breakfast, and showering. Then I get dressed for work and leave my apartment by 8:45. I walk about 10 minutes to the bus stop and get on Bus 4. The bus brings me through the city, past Trinity College, and then I get off at Merrion Square. From there, I walk about 12 minutes to the office. I then work from 10am to 5pm. Once 5 o’clock comes around, I then walk about 5 minutes to the Malta Embassy where I wait for bus 155. I then get on the bus and get off on Ballymun Road right by Dublin City University. I then take about a 15 minute walk back to the apartment. I make some food (usually potatoes and sausage, or something along those lines), and then go to the gym. After the gym I come back home, make a protein shake, and jump in the shower. After this, I usually watch an episode or two of Brooklyn Nine Nine (great show), and go and make some dinner. Dinner is usually some chicken, veggies, and if I have any, some fruits. Once dinner is done, I watch one more episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and get ready for bed. And then do it all again the next day!

This day may sound packed, but being able to organize yourself and create a routine makes it 100 times easier. Having routines breaks the day down so it doesn’t seem overwhelming at all. And just as I plan my days at work, having plans for the entire day makes it easy to balance everything! Time management is proving to be a key skill to have for this summer, and while I am doing well so far with it, I am looking forward to improving my skill with the upcoming weeks. I’ll see you all next week!

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    Great post Ryan!