New Internship at RCSI

I started a new internship this week at a college called The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). I am a “finance contractor”. I currently look at expense reports and match them to their receipts and balance reconciliations. It is great to see the work I do in the classroom translate to a real job. Next I will get access to their database and look at/work with all their financials. They showed me the database a little bit. It is called Agresso which is a very popular database here in Ireland (the university that we are staying at also uses the same system) and it looks just like the databases I see in my Business Informations Systems classes. Again, it is very gratifying to see my work translate from the classroom into a real world setting. I work alongside some very motivated and lively people. It is a lot of fun talking to the people who live in Ireland and getting to see a different point of view. Talking with my coworkers is a great way to do that. I also can ask them for advice on places to see in Ireland and places to travel to in Europe.

One challenge that I have noticed is the work life balance. I work from nine am to five pm, with an hour commute both ways leaves me with very little free time. However, I have learned to fit in all the things I want to do in the limited amount of time. I started reading on the bus so that I can keep up with all the books I like to read. I workout at RCSI right after work which allows me to save time by not having to travel to a gym somewhere else. Fortunately, RCSI is in center city Dublin this allows me to walk around and enjoy Dublin after work, which helps me avoid traffic, reducing the amount of time I spend on the bus while getting to explore everything that I want to see. To give you an idea of the traffic, I’ll tell you a short tale. I walked home from work one day, while I was walking, I saw a really nice car stuck in traffic so I took a photo of it to send to my dad (he loves nice cars). Then I continued on my merry way. I walked parallel to the road for about thirty minutes and looked back at the road to see the same car pass me. That means that traffic was moving at my walking speed for about half an hour! The walk home took about an hour and a half. A regular bus ride during rush hour takes about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. There are other small ways of saving time that I use as well that I won’t bore you with.

Another challenge that I face is asking for work to do. For this first week, RCSI did not give me a ton of work to do which left me with a lot of free time. This was very boring and I did not want to interrupt other people working, by asking for work, which left me in an awkward situation. They later told me that once they set me up with their system then they will have plenty of work for me to do, but for now, the IT department was having trouble with getting me set up with their database and it would take the weekend to do so. I am looking forward to getting into the database and getting some real work done.

Another challenge has been cooking. I started cooking this summer to expand my horizons on cooking. Being thrown into an environment without my mom or a meal plan has been a struggle to say the least. One of my larger expenses has been throwing out food that has gone bad for reasons that I still don’t understand. So far, I probably have learned more about cooking than I have about the history of this great country. But that might be a good thing going forward. It is very strange what problems arise that you don’t expect. Unfortunately, the nearest grocery store is a 20 minute walk. I have made frequent trips and I can feel my calves getting stronger having to carry food from the grocery back to my apartment.

Aside from work, I am having a fantastic time here in Dublin, there is plenty to see and do. I saw the Dublin spire, had many of their delicious sea foods, and saw many historic landmarks of the beautiful city. I can’t wait to see more! But until then I will have to wait, because tomorrow I will be in the database and hard at work.