Florence Conclusion

The opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy for my spring semester was absolutely amazing. This program provided me with so many great experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. The classes I took built on my previous knowledge of the subjects and showed how those subjects are applied elsewhere in the world, what the differences may be and how to determine them. Additionally, I learned how different cultures work differently and how we can better relate to each other to create stronger, more productive work environment. The chance to learn from professors who grew up in a foreign country provided a perspective of these topics and the country that cannot simply be taught or read from a book.

While I was studying abroad I also participated in an internship with Studio Bigazzi, Santi & Associati, which is an accounting and consulting firm in Florence. This internship provided me with so many interesting experiences that I would not normally be exposed to in the US. While interning with this firm I performed consulting work for an outside company, it was rather interesting doing market research and putting together presentations in a different language. It was very exciting for me personally, because it was my first internship in my sector of interest.

Studying abroad also provided me with frequent opportunities to travel and visit interesting places around Europe, granted I ended up travelling mostly in Italy. However, there is no shortage of fascinating and beautiful places to visit and I honestly cannot pick a favorite trip.

For students who might be reading this and considering whether or not they should study abroad, all I can say is do it. The chance to live in a foreign country is not an opportunity that comes along every day. There is so much you can learn from an experience like this!