Diaries of a Foodie

This past week was mainly more of walking around the city and lots of food and music. The highlights for the week were traditional Irish music, a local farmer’s market, afternoon tea, and starting new classes at the Dublin Business School. One thing I have always loved and will continue to love is live music. Dublin leaves no room for complaints in that manner since there are always people playing on the streets and in pubs. When I walk around and hear someone playing, I often stop to listen to how passionately they play their music. Another aspect of Dublin that I am in love with is their fresh bread and pastries at every single corner. As a foodie and someone with a sweet tooth, this is absolute heaven. There was also no shortage of these things and more at the farmer’s market that my roommates and I went to on Saturday morning. The farmer’s markets here are different than the ones that I am used to back home in the sense that they are not outside. The one I went to was in a small church where vendors had set up tables with their produce and pastries. I walked away from the market feeling very satisfied with a berry smoothie and a fresh spinach and cheese empanada. Another great food experience was the afternoon tea I had. It was definitely an interesting experience to be boujee and eat finger sandwiches and desserts with endless amounts tea. Afternoon tea was not something I originally had on my list of things I wanted to do, but on the tour to Northern Ireland, the tour guide had recommended it as something that everyone should experience at least once. I’m glad that I listened to the guide because the food was unique and something I absolutely loved as a foodie. 

As far as work goes, this week was mainly correlation stuff where I ran statistics between different factors and tried to understand the significances. I got a break from the data analysis when I went to my different classes throughout the week. Being placed at a school, I took the advantage of being able to take classes for fun. I chose three classes: Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Data Mining, and IT Essentials. Most of the information in the data analysis and data mining classes went over my head, but I’m sure that I will learn something by just being in the room and listening. My favorite class was definitely IT Essentials because what was being taught was the most interesting. They were learning to create websites using HTML code. The professor gave me a packet that explained how the coding worked and not before long I was creating my own website about my experience here in Dublin. I thought it would be a cool idea to create a website that would show case what I’m learning and about the experience I’m having. It is also just good practice for learning how to code in HTML which could be something I can add to my resume later! As the second week of work comes to an end, I do notice uncertainty and ambiguity in the directions I am given. For example, this coming week, my boss is in New York for a conference and therefore, I am to report to someone else. However, when giving me directions on what to work on for the week, I was not given very clear directions. I was told to continue doing what I had been doing. I wasn’t sure about how much I should have done before my boss got back and what kind of depth and analysis he was expecting. I asked many questions in order to understand better and navigate this uncertainty. When I come across a certain level of ambiguity and am not sure in which direction to go, I find that asking is the best way to go because everyone I work with happily answers any questions I have. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how this coming week goes without my supervisor constantly being with me. I feel that I will grow a little bit more because of this, but stay tuned to find out! I am also excited for the weekend since I have another day trip planned in another area of Ireland!