Expectations vs Reality

Hey! Me again! I’ve now been in London for about three weeks. Wow. It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re having the time of your life.

A quick update: I took a quick trip to Brussels last weekend with one of my roommates. We only stayed one night, but we still had the time of our lives there, seeing all of the beautiful sites and eating way too much food. Then, yesterday I just got back from Dublin with all three of my roommates. There, we didn’t sleep at all because it was fairly expensive to get a place to stay the night. instead, we booked a super early flight there on Saturday and a 6 AM flight coming back on Sunday, so we just slept in the airport. Again, had the time of my life and I am still in awe that we can just take weekend trips to other countries like this.

A few key takeaways that I’ve noticed from my first three weeks here:

  • Be open to new adventures. I had no intention of seeing a Shakespeare play, but I did and I LOVED it. I also never planned on going to Brussels, but I did and, again, I loved it.
  • Although living in a new country seems really daunting at first, don’t worry. Everything comes together, just give yourself some time to settle in.
  • Give yourself time to explore London. During the week, I get so caught up in my internship and school work that I forget that I’m in London and only leave myself the weekend to enjoy London, which is not nearly enough time.

By this point, I think I have a good grasp on London life, so I thought it would be only suiting that I talked about my expectations versus the reality of my time in London. I came in thinking that London would be this big scary city, like New York, and that I would just be lost in the city for the first few weeks. However, when I got here I picked up the gist of what to do fairly quickly. There was a bit of a learning curve, as there is with everything, but it was nothing like I was expecting. I did get lost on the tube and in the city, but that’s just because I am bad with directions, not because London is hard to navigate. Also, I came into London only really thinking about doing the London Eye and seeing Big Ben, but there is so much more to do here. I’ve been to so many parks and Leicester Square and seen a Shakespeare play (and loved it), none of which I expected to do.

Looking at my internship, it isn’t exactly what I was expecting. I am doing accounting tasks, but I do a lot of sitting around, because my manager is only an interim, so she doesn’t exactly know what is going on either.  For the first two weeks, I felt very out of place as everyone else was fairly close and I was, kind of, the intern that didn’t know what was going on. However, after the initial awkward period, I’ve grown a lot closer with a few of my co-workers and I feel a lot more comfortable going to work during the week. Also, on Thursday of last week, I attended a charity ball for my internship, wearing a ball gown and everything! I definitely did not expect to be doing that while I was in London!

Anyways, that’s all for now. Cheers!