Adjusting to my new home

Studying abroad and having this opportunity to meet new people and experience what it’s like to live in a foreign country has been an extremely valuable experience for me and I am very happy that I chose London.  Before my arrival, I was feeling anxious and nervous about the unknown of what my internship would be like. Part of me was excited for a new experience and a chance to grow both in my academic as well as my professional abilities but the other part was nervous for the change. My classes are mostly what I expected them to be like. The classrooms are in the CAPA Center which is located in Kensington. This area if very upscale and many wealthy people living in London live here. I have adjusted well to the new culture and I have a better idea of how to get around on my own. I am starting to feel like more of a local than a tourist in London. When I am commuting to work or class, I always have a book or a newspaper with me to help pass the time. After watching other locals on the trains doing this, I decided that I would join in. I haven’t really experienced much of a culture shock since being here though. I think the reason for this is because England and the United States have very similar cultures. We both speak the same language which helps in adjusting to living somewhere new. As I mentioned above, I am doing an internship along with my class while abroad. I am very glad that I decided to do both because it gives me more exposure to the city.

I am a marketing major and my internship is mainly based around marketing. Everybody who works at the company was very nice when I first met them and I feel as though I fit right in with the rest of the employees. They are very understanding of my schedule and the fact that I am here for work but also to have fun. The advice I would give to others who are studying abroad would be to experience as much as you can and be flexible. Not everything will go perfectly while you are traveling so it’s best to just make the most out of every situation no matter what. Being ready and willing to do any task your supervisor gives will only show that you are interested  in the company.