Overwhelmed at Work

This past week at work was my second full week at the internship and was definitely a little more overwhelming than the first. I walked in on Monday morning to an email from my supervisor with tasks to get started on as she would be in later that morning, then realized I had a second one from her telling me I had done something the week before completely wrong. That definitely was an interesting start to the week as I was almost certain I did everything right. It ended up being alright and I talked it through with my supervisor when she came in, but that was definitely my first taste of really having done something wrong so far and provided an opportunity for me to do better next time. The rest of the week was filled with learning how to do more tasks like ordering transportation for finished goods, writing off packaging that had been shipped out, ordering new packaging, and preparing an order for shipment. In the midst of learning all of this, I found myself getting super overwhelmed with the information overload I was experiencing, but I’ve found that one of the biggest challenges for me at work is to ask my supervisor to slow down or explain something again. It’s hard to ask questions about an entire process you learned in twenty minutes on the spot so I don’t really know the best way to go about telling my supervisor I’m pretty confused about what she’s teaching me. The biggest uncertainty I’m facing is when to ask my supervisor to check my work or tell her I’m finished with something. Both my supervisor and my other coworker usually perform the tasks I am doing so I can ask them both questions, but I feel like I shouldn’t just be going through a whole transportation order and completing it on my own without them double checking. But at the same time some of the tasks they have asked me to do I have mastered and there is no need for them to check, or they are time sensitive and my supervisor is nowhere to be found to check it. I haven’t quite figured out the best way to navigate this yet, but I think the best policy here is to just ask them every time to check something over until they trust me enough to tell me not to do so. I feel like a nuisance when I do that sometimes, but also if I do something wrong, I could end up costing the company money or having a poor performance rating from their customers.

found a little coffee shop after my run on Saturday

After traveling to Budapest last weekend, I realized just how exhausting it is to get off of work on Friday, go to a different country and explore as much as possible, just to come back on Sunday and have to start the week all over again. Most of my friends came to this realization too so we decided it would be a good weekend to stay in Prague and explore our city a little more. After getting off work Friday me and a few friends went to some local places to hang out and ended up at a Czech “BBQ” place for dinner. Saturday was spent exploring the neighborhood where our dorm is, Holsevice. From the first two weeks here, it seemed like the neighborhood we were in was a very quiet place where restaurants and shops would close extremely early and most things weren’t open on Saturday so I wasn’t expecting much, but this weekend seems to be much more lively here than I anticipated. I couldn’t sleep in on Saturday morning because my body is used to waking up pretty early for work, so I decided I would go on a run and try to stay within Holsevice so I could at least scout it out a little bit. I got lost a couple of times while I was running and definitely had to use google maps a little to get myself headed back towards the dorm, but that made me realize how much bigger the neighborhood actually was. After that, we walked around to some Saturday markets that were selling mostly clothes or random accessories, then walked through some different parks and streets that I had spotted on my run. Saturday night most of the students in the dorm hung out together and headed down to Old Town to explore a little more. Another perk to staying in Prague this weekend was being able to get up on Sunday morning and just relax a little and not have to worry about catching a train or bus back to from another city. We went to brunch down the street and then just did some regular Sunday chores like cleaning up the apartment, doing laundry, taking the trash out. While I came abroad expecting to go to a new city every weekend I’m glad my expectations changed a little and I got the chance to spend a little more time in Prague, having a weekend here that highly resembled a weekend for me at home made everything feel more familiar.