Two Weeks Left in Sydney

My time in Sydney is flying by. After a month of being here, I am fully settled into Australia. This month has been an absolute blast. Two weekends ago, a few friends and I took a weekend trip to Cairns to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. We went on an all-day boat tour and the views of the Reef and fishes were incredible. This Friday, I went to a Sydney Swans vs Hawthorne Hawks Australian Football League game with my Sports Marketing class followed by a horse race on Saturday which was part of my CAPA package. I had never been to an AFL game or a horse race before, but both were a very fun time. In my last weekend here (wow), I am going to Auckland, New Zealand. Being on this side of the world, I had to see New Zealand before heading home.

Although it took a little while to get settled into my job, I am truly in the swing of things now. The reason it took a while was our sales training. The other interns and I had to learn the computer system and membership packages before we were able to take and make phone calls. Now that we are settled in we now mostly handle emails, phone calls, and excel files. The office has a great culture and I have learned a lot in my time here. To think I only have two weeks left here is crazy, but I am going to make the most of it!

Sydney Cricket Grounds for AFL Game
Royal Randwick Horse Track