Expectations for the Land Down Under

Going into my program here In Sydney, I had so many different expectations on various levels academically, professionally, and personally. Academically, I excepted Sydney to bring a new and difficult challenge adjusting to their academic structure and was very nervous for my classes taught by an Australian professor. Yet, after only a few classes, I realized that these fears were definitely not necessary as my professor was so nice and accommodating to us and helped us adjust as well as provided us with intriguing and fun assignments. I also expected Sydney to have a similar college atmosphere to here in the United States, but also quickly learned through talking to the locals and seeing various campuses that this simply was not the case and Australia definitely viewed college differently and less important than here in the states. Professionally, going into my first real internship in a different country, it’s safe to say that I was extremely nervous and had little to no expectations other than being clueless of what to do or what I could do to help my company. Yet after my weeks here at Yves Silveira Physiotherapy, I have learned and progressed in a multitude of ways and smashed my previous expectations and fears quickly. I am also happy to announce I have been hired to work for Yves Silveira Physiotherapy part time from the United States to continue my current role as well as expand upon projects we started in my time here in Sydney. Lastly, the category where I definitely had the most expectations and fears, personally I felt so many different feelings coming into my time abroad. From excitement in the months leading up to it, to the fear and realization of what I signed up for the night before my flight, I was so nervous I was going to spend 6 weeks afraid and counting down the days until they were over. But in my time here, I feel I flourished. I made new friends, learned a new culture, and I feel I will be leaving Sydney with a new sense of confidence going into my personal life with any challenge I face. Coming into Sydney, I also felt that the Koala would be my favorite animal personally. But after our two zoo visits, to my surprise the Koala fell all the way down to number 3 on my favorite animals list, with the wombat passing it for number 2 just due to the shock factor that a wombat actually looks like a cute pig and not a bat at all, and the kangaroo taking the top spot because they are so friendly and cute, and one licked my hand. Overall, coming into my study abroad, my expectations were mostly those of fears and worst case scenarios, but none of those came true and I learned more about myself in these 6 weeks than I ever could have imagined in every aspect of my life.