First Week!

How amazing it is to enter into a foreign country and be greeted with nothing but smiles and warm embraces.

Taiwan is a beautiful country, and I’m so excited to spend the next couple of months here. Upon arriving to National Chengchi University’s international housing, I was so nervous to meet everyone. Fortunately everyone was so welcoming. We all got along immediately, and looking back on the first day, it feels like we’ve known each other forever!

Because the students on my program are only here for about a month, we live in a hotel-styled dorm — where there is housekeeping and room service every day! Breakfast consists of traditional Taiwanese foods such as soup dumplings, chicken sandwich, and radish cakes. Some of my favorites!

It surprised me how accessible food and beverage shops are everywhere in Taiwan. There are 7-11’s everywhere, and I can easily grab a snack on my way to class or buy bubble tea! Everything is relatively inexpensive too, as I can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner for $6-8 USD TOTAL!

The class I’m taking is an international economics class, and we focus a lot on the politics and history between Taiwan and China. It’s fairly interesting, and I always look forward to attending class despite it being 3 hours long.

We’ve had a lot of free time to explore Taipei ourselves too, and I am IN LOVE with how clear the public transportation system is. All stops are clearly marked and translated into English. Google Maps keeps live updates of the bus schedules, and buses are ALWAYS on time. The MRT is an easy way to get around too!

In Taiwan, they use an Easy Card to pay for public transportation. Just one tap, and you can use MRT, bus, or train! You can also use the Easy Card to pay for things at the local convenience stores — talk about convenient!

Time seems to be flying so fast, but I can’t wait to keep you guys updated throughout the remainder of my trip!