Week 6: Roll a Dice

For the past weekend, I went to Poznan, Poland by myself. Origianlly I wanted to go to Heidelberg, but the travel time is too long, like five hours or more on the trian. Since it’s a two-day weekend, I don’t really wanna invest that much of time on transportations and barely touring around the city. Ithen started to look at somewhere else and ended up choosing Poznan. It’s like 2hr40min by train and then I’m gonna be in another city with completely different cutulres! Even though Poland is adjacent to Germany, not many people speak German there and they are more or less similar to Russian especailly the music. Sitting in the Old Town Square, I took pictures, had lunch and also listened to the music! One lucky thing was that they had the flea market opened in Old Town Square last weekend only. I tried some traditional polish food there and bought something in the market! It was really fun even though I traveled alone. One two or three, where to go, what to eat, more like rolling a dice. One pity was that I didn’t get any picture of myself since I was travelling alone. Thanks to my family as they don’t really care if I go by myself or what. My mother says as long as I’m happy then everything’s good.

There is also something really sad. I lost my newly bought bracelet on my way back to Berlin. Probably it fell over somewhere in Berlin but I have no idea. This morning, I realized I also lost my lipstick (so sad) and I also lost another one several weeks before. Things happen and I hope one day I ‘ll not left anyhing behind(a beautiful wish). It was fun to randomly decide to go somewhere to do something. I swear this is not an excuse for me to not make any plan. I’m seriously not good at to plan things ahead. Whatever, try my best to keep an eye on my stuff starting from now. It was my first time to be on a train ever (I took the train for the round trip) even though it ran into technical problems and stopped somewhere for half an hour after we just left Berlin Hbf. I have always thought the train is the most on-time public transportation ever but it was late departing from Poznan to Berlin. Other than that, everything is good. Also, I finally uploaded all the videos for my organization in Poland (uploading does not work in Citadines hotel idk why) after procrastinating for more than a month, so my club members will stop bothering me. Poznan is not a big city but it’s awesome for being a big step in another country. Forgot to metion, there is a really good ice cream store which I waited in line for half an hour. I also feel like there are more stores open on Sunday in Poland compared here in Germany.

In terms of leadership skill, it is especially crucial nowadays and entailed to many aspects. I learned that as a leader in an organization, you should only focus on your own business. So far I haven’t got any chances to practice or build up my leadership skill specifically. However, I do believe what I have learned and have seen so far will definitely benefit me in all aspects including leadership like taking various aspects into consideration in a more deliberate way. Honestly, I don’t really think I have done a good job in leadership these years. In general, I don’t take any leadership role unless I have to at the very last point. Also, in my opinion, a leader should also be konwledgeable in his or her own fields so it will be more convincing if any point made it. To lead the team, the leader definitely needs to listen to other people’s opinions but not all. The balance is always hard to maintain but choose the best approach you can or just discuss more with the others.

Another issue with me being a leader is that I don’t really trust people. I know that is a thing to me and try to change it gradually; but it’s also hard due to my growing environment since I was small. Trust bonds people within a group. That is how a leader distributes all work to others. I have to say both my current supervisor and my last internship’s supervisor all did a pretty good job in doing this. They are like 100% trust all the team members for what they have done. This is also what I learned these two years and realized that I actually don’t trust people. I will eventually (hope so or no, have to). Being a leader, you also need to give your member the right amount of work. For us it’s more like to be responsible for the specific part of the system or the project. Still a lot need to learn and hope to be a better self. I wish to have more chances to practice my leadership skills under various contexts in the future as well.