My British Favo(u)rites

With my time in London coming to an end next week, I can’t help but think back to the best things I’ve done here that I know I’m going to miss. Although going back to New York will be nice because it will finally feel like summer, I am not ready to leave all of the amazing things here.

For starters, I think the thing I will miss the most about living here is exploring new parts of London every day with friends. London is such a big city with so many different neighborhoods where you could explore it for a month straight and still not hit everything you wanted to see. It’s this ability to go somewhere new with friends every day that I know I will be missing when I’m back on Long Island doing the same things all the time.

What I’ll also miss about London is the routine I have gotten used to here. Normally my summers consist of sleeping in and going to the beach or a friend’s house most days, with the occasional early shifts at the grocery store. Here in London, though, my routine is quite the opposite. I am awake here every day before 8am and most days am at work by 8:45am. Although at first I hated the sound of my morning alarm and dreaded the thought of getting out of bed before 9am, now I couldn’t imagine sleeping in. I also couldn’t imagine going through a day without a million things to do, like an internship, school work, and exploring. Going back to York will definitely be an adjustment without anything to do each day.

Finally, I will miss the culture of London a lot when I am back in the US. Although it may sound ridiculous, some of my favorite things here have been the food, the lifestyle, and the entertainment. For example, one of the things my apartment does most days is sit down together and watch a show called “Love Island”. Yes, the show is as ridiculous as its name, but it is something that almost everybody in Britain watches. Not only has my apartment bonded over it, but I actually have grown closer to my coworkers just by talking about the latest episode with them each day. It’s little things like these that, once back in New York, I will realize no one can relate to.

I have gotten so used to my lifestyle here and have really grown into a local Brit. London has given me so many things to miss and I know that once I leave this city, I will be incredibly sad to say goodbye.