Week 7: CountDown

Things came and left. It’s now officialy the second to the last week here and we only have one more weekend left! I’ve been here for one month and half already WOW. Last Wednesday and yesterderday were so bad because of the high temperature. I also couldn’t understand why the weather could change that quickly. I mean some places other than Pittsburgh. Yesterday was 38 celsius degrees and the lowest temperature for today is 14 celsius degrees. Glad this whole week will be fine in terms of the temperature.

Overall, so far, I seem to be the person need a little bit more luck. Every time in my journy combing back to Berlin, there was always something happen. For my first weekend in Croatia, we missed the bus to Split but it was fine as we bought another bus tickets. On our way back to Berlin, we got a transfer in Salzburg but for some reasons we have to go out and check in, pass the security again; and our flight was delayed. I also lost one lipstick somewhere (Fine. I bought the same one again). Then the second weekend in Munich, our flight got cancelled and they rebooked us a flight departing the day after in the early morning after changing our flights twice. For the one day trip to Potsdam, I still remembered how hot it was. The Sanssouci Park was good but the hot weather made me never want to go back there again. I spent 20min trying to find out the right S-Bahn to Potsdam and then realized that the S5 shown on Google map was actually S7. The week after, I went to Poznań, Poland by myself. My train stopped somewhere 10 min after getting out of Berlin Hbf for 30min, since there was a technical issue. On my way back to Berlin, the train was also delayed. I lost one newly bought bracelet (bought this one again) and another lipstick (sad but I don’t think I will buy it again at least now). Yesterday, we missed the bus back to Berlin from Dresden since Google map directed us to the bus departing the oppoiste direction two times and we found out there was no uber in Dresden. We purchased another bus tickets, but the bus was late and for some reasons we got back 1hr late compared to the scheduled time. At least I survived lolol.

Dresden was pretty cool and I tried the best chocolate ice cream yesterday and a pretty good mandarin jelly cake! It was super hot but not as bad as I thought of since it was actually dry not humid. We took some pictures, went to two museums. The Green Vault museum was amazing. I cannot believe we literally spent 1.5hrs there for the old Green Vault museum, and even no time left to explore the new one. I didn’t have any pictures of the museum as we were not allowed to do so and need to pass some checking two by two. In terms of the museums, I’m more interested in paintings. But Green Vault is different. It is definitely one of the few top museums in my understanding. If I ever have a chance to go to Dresden again, I definitely will visit the new Green Vault museum! It was kinda sad not visiting the Saxon National Park as my trip was cancelled that Saturday but my lovely roommate bought me a postcard from Zurich, Switzerland! Thanks Kayla ~~~

In terms of the differences of the cultures, besides the cash and coin thing, one thing I’m still not that get used to is not wait to be seated but go and get your own seats. For work culture, I feel like here is more relax at least in my company. You can come early or late as long as you work at least 8 hrs daily. In my opinion, one thing good here is people have priorities of tasks not just dropping down everything when whoever needs you even to the manager. People also respect to each other and know everyone is busy. Not to say overpay, but you can take days off or work less if you have worked over time, which I do wish we could have it in my home country. In general, I feel like respect and try to understand each other are very important in all fields and all cultures.