A Small Perspective on Small Business

Comparing my current internship in web development isn’t quite adequate to my previous work experience of Wal~Mart. Transitioning to a work environment that actually cares about employees, hasn’t prompted serious bodily harm, and isn’t destroying local economies as well as the environment is actually rather relieving. The most delightful part about my current internship is that it’s with a small start-up.

Not only does that mean that the company is a small community without any politics, but everyone knows each other well and that improves our efficiency. Right now the programming industry is in a really tough spot. Game development is having employee abuse scandals, profits are getting in the way of progress and quality, and most banking systems are programmed in a language that basically no one knows and once it starts breaking it might become nigh impossible to fix. With all that said, it’s comforting to know that smaller developing studios are viable and more likely to be safe work environments.

In regards to how cultural differences affect the work place, it’s hard for me to make a claim because my internship is just so unique and not necessarily representative of the German work environment. However, Germany, as well as Europe and basically the rest of the world, are a lot more tolerant of adult content and an interesting result of that is that we tuned into a live stream where our primary product was being showcased for further use at YouPorn.

In addition to all of the skills that I’m learning on the job, the thing that I want to take home most is an open-mindedness towards working as part of a smaller company. Before travelling to Germany, I’d sent my resume to a number of large game development companies, but now I’m a lot more interested in smaller indie studios or even starting my own.