Farewell, London

The six weeks is sadly coming to a close, and I am sitting here, writing this post, reflecting on my time abroad.

The six weeks is sadly coming to a close, and I am sitting here, writing this post, reflecting on my time abroad.  There have been many ups, and there have been downs; but overall, this has been an experience of a lifetime.

I am really glad I came to Europe early and travelled beforehand.  My friends and I flew into Barcelona 10 days earlier than the start of the program.  We travelled to Amsterdam, Nijmegen, and Brussels after a few days in Spain. It was really nice because we got to spend more time in London on the weekends during the program, and didn’t have to stress booking weekend trips while studying and working.  Staying in London for the majority of the weekends was really great because I got the chance to actually experience and explore the city I was living in, instead of leaving it every weekend.

Being given the opportunity to work in London has taught me numerous skills and a lot about myself.  While interning, I have improved on my communication and collaboration skills.  I had to meet with and talk to my supervisor and co-workers almost every day to be able to complete my work to the best of my ability.  I learned that asking a lot of questions is not a bad thing, because it is important that you know all of the information before completing a task (especially since my internship was at a legal advice center and I knew nothing about legal advice because I am majoring in marketing).  I’ve learned that I am one who is always willing to help, even with things I am not specializing in.  When I wasn’t given any work to do for the day, I made sure I kept myself busy.  I wanted to get the most out of my internship, so asking my co-workers if they needed help with their work or if there was anything that needed to be done around the office.  Most of the time the answer was no, but being open to helping and learning new things is very important when you are working.

It is really sad to see these last few weeks to come to a close, but I am excited to head back to the states.  I am excited to sleep in my own bed (with the AC blasted!), drive my car on the right side of the road, and see my friends and family at the end of the week.  I will really miss London though, and all of its lovely people.

London, you have been so good to me these past few weeks.  Thanks for everything, I’ll be back soon.