London: The Farewell Tour

The six weeks have reached an end. It is incredibly sad to see them go, but I did not waste a single moment of my time in London. From travelling around Europe to having an international accounting internship, this experience has truly been unlike anything I have ever had or will ever have in my lifetime. 

I have learned so much from the different educational channels during my stay. First, my internship has really given me great exposure to the corporate accounting industry through Marriott. I have delved extensively into accounts receivable and accounts payable in addition to credit card discrepancies, invoices with their respective payments, ledger reconciliation, internal controls, and transactional accounting daily. I will be able to take this knowledge and apply it to the next chapter in my career as I proceed in accounting.

Alongside this, I have taken a course discussing international accounting issues. I have been able to identify the dilemmas that arise in regards to auditing, tax, advisory, risk management, and the differences within the two accounting standards (GAAP-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and IFRS-International Financial Reporting Standards). This class most definitely helped me make connections I had not made before within accounting and broadened my horizons in terms of the global markets. 

Out of it all, I have learned the most about myself within my time here. I thought going into this that I knew exactly who I was and what I thought, and I am happy to say I most certainly discovered things about me that I did not know existed. I have always been rather independent, but living in a different country forces you to really be self-reliant. However, I also have made close friends via class and my living accommodations that I have relied on as well; it is a great feeling to have a community that will help you whenever you need it. 

I have also been tested, with my internship, my studies, and the overall shock of living in London. I realized that I persevere even when the going gets tough. Being thousands of miles away from home forces you to go outside of your comfort zone, literally and figuratively, and keep on going. I cannot just drop everything and go home, no matter how homesick I was at times! As the British would say, “keep calm and carry on.”

I think the most important thing I learned was that I am definitely in the right field and studying the appropriate major. This has been a reassurance that I am doing what I love and to be excited for the road ahead. 

Even though this program was only six weeks, I have learned and grown more quickly than ever before. I am beyond grateful to have had such an unbelievable and beautiful opportunity. I do not take any of this journey for granted; this time has been very humbling and beyond my wildest dreams.