Until Next Time London

I can’t believe my time in London is over. It went so fast, and I never wanted it to end. I feel that I learned so much about myself and this trip really allowed me to grow and reflect. Through the internship, classes, and exploring London I was able to do everything on my list and so much more.

My internship gave me the chance to meet some amazing people and it was truly hard to say goodbye to them. Through working I was able to experience so many diverse cultures and have uncomfortable, political conversations where I learned so much. Whether I was talking to someone from England, Romania, New Zealand, or Hungary I learned so much about their cultures and answered their questions about America. We touched on the “hot topics” like Brexit, Trump, and gun laws but also had fun conversations which made my last day so hard.

The accounting class I completed gave me the opportunity to visit some incredible sites like Lloyd’s Insurance Market and FedEx where I not only learned about accounting, but also these businesses. I was able to see how these organizations operate and learn things like the language of Lloyd’s and the complexity of shipments at FedEx.

Lloyds Market

Exploring London was one of the best parts of study abroad. Whether it be with my flatmates or alone I took advantage of all my free time to explore this diverse city. I did all the tourist attractions like see Big Ben in all its scaffolding glory, visit the London Eye, and take pictures outside of Buckingham Palace. Since I was here for six weeks, I was also able to explore the small hidden treasures of London like Summer on the River and the area surrounding Kensington which is gorgeous.

Summer by the River

Whether it be listening to live music by Tower Bridge almost every night or walking along the river by the London Eye, I was able to check off everything on my to do list and so much more. Living with four other girls, allowed us to combine our “wish lists” for London and explore as much of the city as possible in a very short period.

While I did take one weekend trip to Brussels, I am glad this was the only one. Brussels was truly beautiful and it was an amazing weekend, but staying in London allowed me more time to explore. I used my weekends to visit various markets like the Portobello Market and Camden Market (multiple times because the food is so good).

Halloumi Fries from Camden Market

On these weekends in the UK I was also able to leave London and visit Stone Hedge and Bath and go punting in Cambridge. England is such a beautiful country and I am so grateful I was able to explore and visit these places.

Punting in Cambridge

While it was only six weeks, London really does feel like a home to me. Even though I may be sad to leave, I know I will be back because I feel like there is so much more I have yet to see and do.