A Great Time in London

My international experience will be something that I will never forget. Before getting into my personal growth and takeaways from the trip, I would like to thank the University of Pittsburgh, CAPA, and my family with helping to facilitate the best trip I could have ever asked for!

I have grown personally by becoming more open to new experiences. As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, I feel that I limit new experiences to stay focused on coursework and career development only when there are many new exciting things to do as a college student. While abroad, I developed a mentality to experience as much as possible because I will most likely not live in London again. When I get back to college, I will continue that mentality to get more out of my college experience because I will only an undergraduate college student once.  

Academically, I was able to gain an international perspective on a wide range of topics. As an accounting major in an accounting elective class, I felt that I would be primarily looking at the differences between the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP). Although I made great strides in understanding the differences between the two different ways of accounting, I was able to grasp many other overarching concepts through class discussion and site visits. Our class discussion helped put into perspective issues of the industry of the company who were going to go on a site visit to the next day. The site visits gave us the perspective of a professional on issues that are central to the ever-changing international business landscape. The class as a whole will bring an international perspective to the rest of my academic career at the University of Pittsburgh where I can apply the concepts I learned while abroad.

To build on my academic experience abroad, professionally, I will be able to market these experiences during interviews and apply the knowledge learned on the job after college. Having international experience in the business world provides an invaluable skill in a world that is becoming more international. During the job application process, I will be able to show this experience and highlight its importance in my development as a student and professional. Then, when on the job, I will be able to use the skills learned, while abroad, to increase value to the company.

Overall, this experience has given me many tools that will help as a student and professional that will increase my value as an asset to a company. Thank you for reading my final blog and Hail to Pitt!