Life is like a box of chocolates

I would describe my leadership style as a listener, I would prefer to hear what everyone has to say before I give my opinion so that everyone feels heard like they are part of a true team. It will also allow for the best opinion/idea to rise to the surface instead of one person having a monopoly on what is done and why. I have not been in a ton of leadership roles during my time at Pitt, however I believe that this would be a very effective way for a leader to lead. I know I love when my voice is heard, I am sure that others would appreciate the same thing. My internship abroad has reinforced this idea. There would be moments where I felt like I knew the best course of action or a certain way of doing was correct, only to be told of a better way or the way it was actually supposed to be done. It was humbling to see that my way may have been incorrect. I also have noticed how honesty goes a far way. When I mess up I have learned to be up front about it and not try to hide my mistakes. The people at my work are very understanding and are very helpful when I make a mistake. They are fantastic there and I enjoy every moment I get to spend with them.

My coworkers have taught me a lot that I didn’t realize. The mix is about 30-50 year old people most of which have very young children. It is good to learn the work life balance from them. They take their work seriously, but they know that life outside of work is more important than the work that they are doing. They enjoy their lives and enjoy sharing their lives with others at work while working which makes the work environment much more enjoyable, which I believe in turn makes them more productive. I would hate to go to a job everyday where I hate what I am doing. That would be atrocious. So I am glad that I have this reminder that I need to have a work life balance.

This weekend I went to London with my friend Ryan. When we were flying there the plane during landing hit the ground very hard and it was quite concerning. It seemed like they were training the new guy and just let him “try his best” at landing this plane that had at least 100 lives on it, 3 stars at best. Next, we stayed in a hostel which was very cramped and hot. There was no AC which made it very hard to sleep. Before staying in a hostel I had no idea what they were. I just thought it was another word for hotel. But then I realized. It now makes sense why homeless people say, can I have some money for a hostel tonight. If one says that, then I know they are going to use the money for other purposes because I truly believe that I would have enjoyed sleeping on the street more. What a dump (2 stars). Also, when I was in London I heard a homeless person say that and then I thought to myself, oh no, am I living with homeless people. It made me take a good hard look at the people I was living with. None of them seemed homeless in my immediate room, but others I walked by in the hallways had a small chance.

Aside from the hostel I saw big Ben which was under construction, the London Eye, went to the top of the shard, and did various other activities. I enjoyed my stay there. Unfortunately, our flight back was at 7 am an hour away from our hostel. So we wanted to get there around 5:30 so we had to leave at 4:30, but all the train and buses were closed. Our only option was to uber. but since it was Saturday night and partiers would need rides home using uber, the prices were multiplied by 1.4. The first price we saw was 70 pounds, but when we got to the airport, I looked and almost fell over. This uber ride made my wallet about 114 pounds lighter (get it, British pounds) this is about 140 American dollars. Very unfortunate. It hurt looking at my bank account afterwards. That’s another valuable lesson I learned while I am here in Europe, plan ahead. Your bank account will thank you.