Home for the Summer

Sadly all good things must come to an end. My semester abroad in Buenos Aires has officially finished, and I am now home for the summer. My arrival back to the United States definitely felt bitter sweet. Although it was really sad leaving Argentina, not knowing when/if I will ever return, it was exciting to back home with my friends and family. Since being back in Pennsylvania for a few days now, I am able to reflect on everything I learned over the last semester, the ways in which I’ve changed, and the things that I now realize how much I missed from home.

At the beginning of the semester I wrote in my blog that one of the things that I hoped to gain from living in Buenos Aires was adaptability. I can now confidently say that this was a major skill that I have taken away from the term. I noticed that as the semester continued on, I was able to roll with the punches more calmly and successfully. Because I was experiencing so many changes (big and small), I learned to take things one step at the time. I think that this resulted in me becoming more patient in my day to day life, and also improved my problem solving skills. I definitely feel more equipped to take on the real world now than I did before the program started.

Another major take away from the semester that I have from traveling in general is an appreciation and overall understanding of how different other people’s realities are from mine. I think that this is an important lesson for everyone to learn because it often is a reminder for how fortunate we are. I believe that it is also a reminder for how big the world is, and can often prove that we naturally tend to stick inside the bubbles that we’re comfortable in. With that all being said, I feel as though I have also realized that despite many other differences across cultures, we’re all also very much the same. This has been a very important lesson for me because I thinks it makes it easier to empathize with others in spite of those differences.

I feel extremely grateful for everything that I learned throughout this past semester, and all of the amazing memories that I made. Although I was sad to leave Buenos Aires, I can’t wait to continue making memories with all of my new BA friends back at Pitt!