Hitting Home!

I’ve ran the bases around Buenos Aires. Now, I’m so happy to be home! It’s been a few weeks since I returned to the United States


I celebrated my arrival with a baseball game in my hometown––is there anything more iconic than American baseball? Seeing my parents and my dog was the best. Then, after a few days I headed to Long Beach Island in New Jersey to visit my little sister. She’s beach lifeguarding for the summer. Even though I missed everything here, I’m so glad I studied abroad. I’ve spent some time reflecting on it.


It was a humbling to be abroad. Always struggling to order food. Not understanding everything going on around you. People not knowing what you’re trying to say. Just having normal conversations almost impossible. Trying to teach yourself Spanish because CAPA canceled your class since there weren’t enough people enrolled. Classes and programs being canceled for strikes. All new people all the time. It gave me an appreciation for how easy everything is for me in the United States. It also gave me an appreciation for other people traveling abroad and how many hardships they face.


Studying abroad also gave me a “just do it” mentality. Asking strangers questions. Making quick decisions. Planning trips to go to Santiago, Valparaiso, Punta del Este, and Iguazu. It made me realize how much control I have over my life. I can do so many different things if I just choose to. If there’s a will there’s a way!


My time in Buenos Aires also made me realize how both difficult and exciting it is to work in environments with different people and different cultures. At Ship Now the barriers would get a little confusing. Talking about logistics in Spanglish—sometimes you had to say things three or four times to figure out what was actually going on. On class projects, I had partners who were from Sweden who knew the in depth ins and outs of IKEA because it was a company started in Sweden. Sometimes things were tricky to navigate, but the new things you learned were so cool!


My time in Argentina was absolutely amazing. And, although I feel like although I haven’t really changed significantly, I have gotten much more confident and independent. I’ve made new friends. I can figure things out by myself. I can go anywhere!