Saying Goodbye to London!

It is incredible to think that I will already be leaving this amazing country on Saturday. When I think about it, six weeks seems like a good amount of time, but it really did fly by. To me, it genuinely feels like I have only been here for about two weeks rather than over a month. At times, I did look forward to going home, but now that the moment is finally here, I simply do not want to leave. Having the freedom and independence to go wherever I want in a country that I have grown to love is such an addicting feeling. 

Personally, I feel very satisfied with how this program has affected me. I made sure to explore as much as possible while over here. Although I did not take any trips outside of the country, I made a great effort to see as much of London as I could. I also organized a trip with some of my friends on the program to Brighton, which was extremely enjoyable. Although I always stayed busy with exploring, I still feel like there was much more I could have seen before leaving. I did not realize that London is such a massive city until actually coming here; I feel like every underground station I got off at had an entirely different feel to it which was incredible.

Overall, my internship and the classes I took here in London gave me so many key takeaways that I know will be extremely useful in my future. One of the most important pieces of advice given to me in the internship workshop class was to always be open minded. I believe following that advice is one of the main reasons I had such a great experience at my work. For example, this week I was given some pretty tedious and quite boring tasks to do, but because I chose to have an open mind about it, I was able to make the work enjoyable. 

Building off of advice given in my internship class, another suggestion I found very useful was to always ask questions. At first, I was apprehensive to ask an abundance of questions to my supervisor in fear that she would get annoyed, but after going through this class, I felt more comfortable and ultimately realized I was worried for no reason. My supervisor actually encouraged asking questions and following this advice made me much more confident in my work. Overall, this entire experience has given me important lessons that I am sure I will utilize for the rest of my professional career. It makes me genuinely happy to know this program has exceeded my expectations in all forms.