Please Sir Can I Have Some Moher (Time)

I can’t believe we just finished our 6th week here. There is still so much I want to experience, but I’m trying to live in the moment and enjoy my time.

My leadership style before this internship was inclusive and supportive with an ability to persuade and influence others. I am always open to criticism and I prefer to help others rather than intimidate them. I’ve noticed that as a member of the dance team, I am an approachable person and the younger girls will often come to me with questions. I try to step in wherever I am needed, and will often take initiative to volunteer to create new content for the team or for certain events. In addition, I try to ease situations if there is any confusion and I love working with a team.  I am a hard worker and I try to complete each task to the best of my ability. Due to this, most people feel they can trust me in many endeavors. As I was also recently risk manager of my sorority, I would have to give presentations about potential dangers of drugs and alcohol and I would often have to ensure the safety of large groups of people at all events. With this I would often try to keep everyone well informed as well as ensuring that they know all of the risks. I am also a trustworthy person, so people will come to me if certain tasks need to be completed.

My internship has challenged my leadership skills because I was starting off at a role where I was not given much responsibility. I always had to ask a lot of questions and deal with nerves about them thinking my work was not up to standard. I am in a position of learning instead of teaching and that has been hard to get used to. However, as I have gradually received more responsibility, they will ask for my opinion and will trust me with blog posts as well as advertisements. I have been able to work closely with the owner coming up with a game plan for their LinkedIn and professional events. That has allowed me to feel like a part of the company and to really take initiative and drive.

Throughout this internship, I have been able to become more assertive in the sense that I make decisions a lot faster now. With a lack of direction, I have taken matters into my own hands and provided a template for me to abide by. I feel that has helped with my leadership skills because I drive the work that I do. I will often give myself more work than I actually need to complete in order to help the office and to aid the company as well. When choosing what tasks I should finish immediately and which ones can wait, I am better with deciding. I also found that I provide input into certain posts for social media with my internship. My supervisor trusts my work enough to let me posts on my own and to also create content that they can use on their professional sites. In fact, I have learned so much about the website that they have asked me to teach a few coworkers just what I am planning on doing with the website and how they can use it as well. This has given me more confidence to bring up new ideas, suggestions and to all around show my determination to aid this company.

This past weekend was definitely a fun experience. On Saturday I took a day trip to the cliffs of Moher by myself and it was one of the most peaceful trips I have taken. Being by myself was not as boring or scary as I thought it would be. It gave me more time to walk the cliffs the way I wanted to and truly bask in the beauty of Ireland. After the hike we were able to go on a boat tour below the cliffs and see them from the opposite direction. This enabled us to witness their immense formations, height, and wildlife from up close. Apparently the cliffs are a no fly zone to protect the bird populations that live there. In addition, jellyfish were very prominent in the water, and we spotted geese as well. Although the weather wasn’t amazing, the fog didn’t form until after we were on the boat and by then we were already at a better angle. It’s interesting to see just how different the cliffs look in all kinds of weather. I think that is partly what makes it such a special place.

On Sunday we were able to go on the Guinness tour which is 5 floors of fascinating information and interactive sections. You are able to smell each ingredient while also learning about how Guinness is made, the history of it, advertising, and even how it was transported. My friend Melanie and I got the chance to pour our own Guinness and we were able to sample it as well.

I can’t wait to see what the next week has in store.