Week 6 Bliss

Another week down! Time is moving so quickly—today I was pondering about what I might want to do with my upcoming weekends, only for it to dawn upon me that I only have two full weekends left. Also, for my last weekend, my dad will be in Dublin, so I also have to think of some activities and pub recommendations that he might enjoy. As excited as I am to spend time with my dad in Ireland, I really would appreciate it if time could just stop for a bit so I can stay here longer.

The past week has been rather nice weather wise. I’ve been careful to not repeat last week’s mistake and get sunburn, however I’ve also been trying to be outside as much as possible. I usually like to go on runs or long walks, but this past week has given me so many opportunities to get in some good exercise. Nearly every day I ran around Albert College Park which is close to Dublin City University and then did some core workouts on my own. I also thought to pair the exercise with cooking some new healthy(ish) recipes and drink plenty of water. Currently, I’m pretty happy with my veggie stir fry and taco recipes, and this recent health kick has phenomenally been improving my mood. I track my steps, and I average around 10,000 steps, on busy days sometimes I can reach up to 17,000. Although working out isn’t something that is new for me, I have taken pride in being able adapt aspects of my lifestyle such as exercise to my environment in Dublin.

Under the sun I also got to meet yet another second cousin! I met Bronagh, a Dublin based teacher in her 20’s. We got dinner on Grafton street and then went to a pub together. I really enjoyed talking to her. She is very well traveled and has had brief periods of living in London and New York. She is also a Dublin City University alumni, I loved hearing her university stories and gathering her food recommendations. I do hope I can see her or my other cousins again soon!

This past weekend, I didn’t go on any tours. It definitely was very relaxing, and on both Saturday and Sunday I got to sleep in and recuperate from a long week at my internship. On Saturday, I just did necessary things like grocery shop, laundry, and going for a run. When not focused on those tasks, I just sat back and caught up on the book I’ve been reading. Although from an outside prospective it probably looked very boring, I think taking a day for yourself everyone in a while and basking in doing nothing can be quite enjoyable when done right.

On Sunday, however, I did venture out farther than my apartment. To celebrate my roommate’s birthday, we went to Howth. Many people had the same idea as us, since the bus there was extremely crowded. The public transportation claustrophobia was worth it though, because Howth was amazing! The weather was warm, the water was blue, and the fish and chips were deliciously crispy. At one point when we stopped by the water, three seals popped up and swam around right in front of us! To top off our fun day in Howth, we also got some gelato. All around it was a great day!

When reflecting at this point in my study a abroad experience, I thin k a lot about my leadership skills, as that is one thing I was hoping to develop throughout this trip. Before this internship experience, I would say that I had decent leadership qualities, as I would occasionally help train new team members in my retail job. However, something that my current internship challenges me to do is take more initiative and insert myself into leadership roles. In my previous jobs, although I would help train new people, that always occurred because it was something that my boss told me to do, and it wouldn’t solely be my responsibility. Now, in my internship I will consider what needs to be done during the day, and try to achieve it on my own without my supervisors having to ask me. I also will assert myself in work related conversations when appropriate and do my best to express my opinions and help other people with projects. Although it does not feel like I am very different from when this internship started, after looking back from where I was six weeks ago to now, some slight changes in things like leadership has changed for me, and I am very happy about it!