To Sum Things Up

Sum up your international experience

I learned a lot from my international experience this summer, which is why I am extremely thankful for the scholarship donors who made this experience more possible for me and so many other Pitt Business students.  I spent my two months working a finance internship at a freight forwarding company called FreightHub. In addition, I spent my time getting to know the students on my program and coworkers from Europe. I got months of experience learning the public transportation system, which was potentially good practice for the future if I continue my career in any other big cities. Lastly, I spent my 2 months traveling almost every single weekend. After countless plane rides and a handful of train rides, I feel that I have a much better understanding of how hard it is to travel, how much harder it is to travel with other people and, also, how much fun traveling can be. Not to mention how much you learn while traveling around. 

Describe the growth you see in yourself 

A big personal life lesson that I believe I took away from my two months abroad is slightly cheesy, but to take advantage of everyday. I realized that I kept making excusing to do fun and interesting things because I was in another country. For example, I rarely let myself sleep in on the weekends and I always tried to experience a new cafe or museum or market because I was in Europe. I always explored on the weekends, even though it was stressful, because I was in Europe. I had fun experimenting more unique jewelry and outfits, because I was in Europe. However the reality of it is that I could be doing all those same things at home and at school.  I realized that I should be taking more advantage of the cool things that my city has to offer. Making more of an effort to try the cafes and different restaurants in Lawrenceville or outside of Oakland. That there are plenty of places that I can make weekend trips to just like in Europe that I never thought of going. My experience abroad definitely taught me to be a more adventurous and curious person, as well as reminded me how fun it is to travel and explore.  

I think that I have also grown in a more professional and academic aspect. One place that I experienced growth is time management. Knowing that I have to get up around 7am to get ready, start my hour commute and get to work on time forced me to adapt to a better sleep schedule. When I am at college I have a bad habit of staying up super late doing work or hanging out with friends. Although that is slightly part of the college experience, I would like to do a better job working hard during the day so that I am able to have a regulated sleep schedule like I did during my internship. There is a ton of benefits that come with a regular sleep schedule and I think that it will help me stay on top of my work and hopefully decrease any procrastination tendencies. In addition, my experience abroad has inspired me to work hard at finding and internship for next summer. I would love to explore another city and I really want to find an internship with a culture similar to the one at FreightHub. It made work more fun having a number of other interns around my age also working. I want my internship to be professionally advancing but also introduce me to new people. I think this past internship has inspired me to work hard at obtaining a good internship next summer that will hopefully lead me into a full time experience after school.

Identify your takeaways

My main takeaway from this program is how important it is to try and schedule in an experience abroad in your four years at pitt. Whether it is a week for spring break abroad, a May-Mester, a summer or and entire semester it’s really worth the effort to make an abroad experience happen. Pitt business makes these experiences so accessible and achievable for people of all backgrounds. I love how much they push taking advantage of these programs because it makes a world of a difference having their help planning the process. I definitely couldn’t have had an experience like this, for as long as I did, with an internship lined up without the help of Pitt Business. I hope that I can encourage any younger students to also pursue similar experiences, and I would definitely recommend IIP Berlin and Frieghthub for their future endeavors.