My Personal Connection

What is your personal connection to Ireland and/or Dublin?  How did this connection help convince you to spend this part of your summer making this 12 day trip?

The personal connection that convinced me to spend 12 days of my summer exploring Dublin, Ireland is the trip I took two years ago to Italy. This trip was the first time I had been to Europe. I was instantly amazed by the cultural differences. I loved seeing how Italians lived and worked and comparing that to the average American. This opportunity opened me up to being curious about how people in different countries around the world live and how their cultures alter their everyday lives. My trip to Italy made me eager to explore more of Europe, so when I saw that this program included 12 days in a European country, I was interested. Based on what I know about Ireland, the culture is very  rich. In American we have the overproduced version of St. Patrick’s Day, so I am excited to actually get to see what the Irish people are all about and how their culture differs from ours in America.