Final Week in Dublin

Hi all, it’s me again. This blog post is a very special one because I am going to be highlighting my final week in Ireland. In fact, I am writing this post while sitting at my desk at home in New Jersey. It’s actually unbelievable how quickly these past two months went by, and it is easy to be sad about the experience being over. However, as the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun!” and with that logic, this summer has been the best one I’ve ever had.

Just as I always have, I’ll start with my out of work adventures and then close up the post with some workplace takeaways in regards to my last week. With this being my last week in Ireland, I really tried to make the most of the time I had left by going out and exploring after work. 

On Tuesday, I was able to meet a close family friend named Ciaran for the first time. Living in Limerick, he came up to Dublin for the day and was with his friend Alex from Austria. They met each other while studying abroad in South Carolina. It was interesting to get to meet both of them and it even more interesting to hear about their experiences abroad compared to mine. They spent their abroad time taking classes at a school whereas I spent mine doing an internship, so the workloads were entirely different. That being said, they were very similar in that we each had to adjust to a new culture and new environment. I had a great time meeting Ciaran and Alex and I got to get to know them both very well and they are people I plan to stay in contact with over the years!

For the remainder of the nights in Dublin, I would go out with some of the other Pitt students and take advantage of our last few Irish nights. At work on Friday, a few of my co-workers brought me out to lunch for my last day. Though two months is not a long time at all, I grew close with a lot of my colleagues. Thus, this last Friday lunch was a great way to close up my experience with a wonderful company and amazing group of people. Once work was over, I had a few drinks with some co-workers. It was nice to just relax and hang out with everyone for one last time.

Now moving more into the work side of my time, the last week of work was yet another solid one. I continued handling the same tasks as usual, including editing and formatting CVs and job advertisements, managing the sourcing and candidate calls for the two job roles I was in charge of, and handling the other various assignments around the office. With an internship in a fast paced workplace, I was a lot of times given many tasks and assignments with little direction or advice on how to complete them. That being said, I did have to rely on my ability to pick up on context clues or “read the room” when I received my assignments. My workplace environment, aside from being fast paced, is very talkative, so the main way I pick up on these clues is by always listening to the chatter in the office. Then, when I receive my assignment, I have a general idea of the context around it and this helps me understand what I’m doing more and thus I am able to figure out how to go about completing it just a little bit better.

For any times that I didn’t do assignments correctly or if my co-workers wanted to give me advice, feedback became a very important component for my growth and learning. Aside from doing my mid-point and final evaluations, my manager and colleagues gave me feedback on a “task by task” basis. This process proved to be very effective because if I needed to fix something, I was told about it right away and then the problem would be solved right then and there. And as I’ve said a million times, all my co-workers are very nice and respectful so receiving feedback was always a pleasant and constructive experience.

My overall experience living in Ireland and working with Wallace Myers International was amazing, and I’m glad my final week abroad went so well. I’ll be back soon for just one last blog post highlighting my favorite out of work adventures and workplace learnings. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you then!